Interview with Carissa-Ann Santos, Co-founder of Love Grace Foods


Sarah Velasco: Tell us about Love Grace? How did it begin? 

Carissa-Ann: Love Grace is an organic cold-pressed juice, smoothie and elixir company that is helping to make super humans nationwide. We are extremely result driven and committed to getting REAL food to people. We think health is fun and is our natural state as a human being. It's so important for us to make being healthy delicious, fun and accessible. As Jake (chef and co-founder) says,"Green Juice is a god-given right." It's our mission to make high quality organic juices widely available.Love Grace happened organically. My partner Jake and have been co-creating in the kitchen for 5 years now. We came together with a passion for raw food, adventure and ultimate health. We would have a blast just making super delicious raw pumpkin pie recipes and raspberry cobblers at 4am. It’s fun! We really are just supercharged about feeling AMAZING and sharing health with the planet.  We realized that real food and juice was just not available and it's something we could make possible. And so we did :) 

Sarah Velasco: How is it different from other cleanses or detox programs? 

Carissa-Ann: We've learned that not every juice company is a health company. From the start we've used only organic produce and unique super foods.  With a special attention to maximum nutrition and flavor we've created some pretty unique blends that both the hardcore green juicer love and the newbie juicer can enjoy. We've included in our cleanse program a super food smoothie which is rather unique. This nutrient packed blend provides just enough fiber, protein and healthy fat to support a successful and satisfying cleanse experience. And they are amazingly delicious too!

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? How you became involved with Love Grace? 

Carissa-Ann: I’ve been in fashion for many years. It’s high energy …fun … demanding…electric. I just knew living on coffee and lattes was not sustainable. As I transformed to a living food lifestyle I just couldn’t help but share it! Jake and I were making drinks and food for ourselves and people wanted them! So we created Love Grace where we could really serve people a gourmet healing line that is convenient and delicious. 

Sarah Velasco: What is your philosophy behind juice cleanses? 

Carissa-Ann: Listen to your body. I believe it's important to do what feels right and best serves your physical body, mind and spirit. Do what makes you do the most good. I think juice cleansing helps to rid the body of things that no longer serve it...lightening up the mind, creating space for you and your higher purpose. No two bodies are the same and everyone has different health goals but what we find works great is an extended cleanse of 3-5 days every two months with maintenance in between. Maintenance can look like doing one cleanse day per week or just making sure to include a couple of organic green juices into your every day. 

Sarah Velasco: What does an average day meal plan look like for you ? 

Carissa-Ann: I can't say that l  I have an average day by any means :)  All of my days are adventure days at Love Grace!
So on my adventure days I need lots of energy, nutrients and things that are easy to grab-and-go. I usually start with a glass of lemon water when I wake up and then a Purify. Mid morning I reach for a Green Protein because with the spirulina, chia seeds, hemp seeds, wheatgrass and all it really provides me with sustained energy and keeps me satiated. If I do lunch I'll have either a big organic salad with quinoa or maybe a gluten free sandwich with avocado, nori, tahini, avocado, hempseeds and spice it up with some cayenne. Moving into mid-day Chocolate Superfood smoothie a must! It's just so mineral rich and vibrant.  
The whole day I drink Chamomile tea with hemp milk or almond milk whatever I have on hand. So yummy! For dinner I keep it light. A homemade soup, light salad. I find I'm often doing one big meal a day because of my schedule. The juices and smoothies really keep me going. They have complete protein, minerals and healthy fat to keep me supercharged. They really are the perfect food!

Sarah Velasco: What is the longest you have cleansed for? 

Carissa-Ann: I've cleansed for about 35 days. I really just started drink green juice one day and felt so great that I kept going. I didn't have a real intention on how long I would cleanse for. It was intuitive. Those 35 days I had the most energy I've ever had in my LIFE. I felt so limber and excited and bright. I had lots of extra energy to get more reading done, spend more time with people I care about. I just got to LIVE and do what I love. Very refreshing and nurturing. 

Sarah Velasco: What are common misconceptions about juice cleanses? 

Carissa- Ann: People think they are a fad. A quick fix. But really we find them to be part of a beautiful health journey. They are the kick start to a healthy lifestyle. Once you start flooding your body with nutrients and the cravings fall away you naturally want to choose healthy options and things that will uplift you.
Another misconception is that juices are gross and you'll starve. That's why we're here!! We've created a line that is absolutely delicious and satisfying. When you are satisfied nutritionally on a cellular level all is well.

Sarah Velasco: How do you see customers utilizing the cleanses? Once in a blue moon or once a month? 

Carissa-Ann: It depends on their health goals. When working on something specific we see people cleansing with us once a month. Others like to order Wellness Programs and help to sustain their great results until their next cleanse maybe 2 or 3 months later. Again it all depends on if they are healing a specific condition or what particular result they are intending.

Sarah Velasco: Anything else you would like our readers to know ? 

Carissa-Ann: Have fun. Being healthy doesn't mean restricting or taking things out. It's about exploring and finding NEW and EXCITING ways to light you up and feel your best. Ways that are sustainable and support you in your everyday life. We're committed to people feeling awesome so they can do what they love :) We think green juice is a great way.