Mia Beauty Silkies Silicone Hair Elastics

Silkies hair elastics are made of silicone material that has a “no slip” feature. Silkies come in two fun shapes and can also be used as bracelets, gift wrap, rubber bands, and much more! 5 Silkies™ hair elastics included in every pack.

Color/Description: lips (3) with heels (2)

Price: $9/ 5 pieces

These hair elastics do not have any metal on them, therefore, will not tear out any of your hair while gathering it up into a different style. You can easily slip these back out too without having to unwind them too carefully; totally "ouchless."

You can have one wrapped comfortably around your wrist to easily pull hair out of the way. These are great for ponytails, braids or really any quick updo. We find that this brand has a great amount of elastic that does not snap back or snap apart. This product does well with very thick to thin hair also, and holds it fast. 

Mia Beauty Silkies are available at www.miabeauty.com and other retailers online and nationwide.

About Mia Beauty
This innovative beauty company was started in 2000 in san Francisco, California with Mia Kaminski's first patented product, the Tonytail ponytail wrap. With its immediate success and continued steady growth, the company now offers over 500 hair accessories, styling tools, appliances and hair care products. The company sells its various product lines to mass market retail, specialty retail, chain drug, department stores, beauty salons and beauty supply stores.