Super Bowl Nail Art

Broncos or Seahawks? Show support for your team this Sunday with fun and sporty nail designs …

Celebrity nail artist, Pattie Yankee, created some fun and flashy designs for the big game.  Here is how to recreate the look at home:
Seahawk Striped Nail: Use Realm as the background and Reign on each side.  Life was used for the middle thick stripe and Divinity stripes to separate.

B vs S NailDivinity was used with Realm to write B vs S and Purify and Life for each team color.
Football NailRealm was used at the top to create the football shape with Divinity as the football and a white XLVIII at the bottom for Super Bowl 48.

Striped Nail: Start with a white nail then stripe Vs down the middle depicting the team colors withDivinityRealmPurifyLife and Reign.
Patricia Nail Lacquer is available online via www.rickysnyc.com for $9 each.