Fade Stretch Marks Fast with Apothederm

"90% of women develop stretch marks. For women worried about these red and silver streaks, all of the lunges, crunches and leg lifts in the world won’t make them feel bikini-ready in time for a winter getaways or even Memorial Day weekend. Luckily, Apothederm has developed a fast-absorbing Stretch Mark Cream that uses SmartPeptides to help build collagen and reduce the appearance of both red and silver stretch marks. In clinical studies, 70% of participants experienced a visible improvement in 14 days and 90% saw overall improvement after 12 weeks of continued usage." 

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream retails for $89.95 at spas, dermatologists’ offices and online via www.dermstore.com and www.apothederm.com.

What we think: 
Non greasy and easy to apply, Apothederm's Stretch Mark Cream has a very pleasant smell without being overly scented or medicine like. It has a silky smooth texture and absorbs into the skin quickly. In a few moments it is dry to touch.
If you notice the ingredients list,  Apothederm utilizes great natural ingredients for moisturizing: shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and highly moisturizing meadowfoam seed oil for a silky, fast-absorbing formula. The solution also includes other advanced ingredients like SmartPeptide technology that helps build collagen while reducing the appearance of stretch marks, while smoothing your skin's texture working to fade the appearance of stretch marks and nourish the skin. Skin results in feeling more nourished!

How to use: Apply morning and evening in a circular motion to areas with stretch marks. Allow the cream to dry before putting on clothes. 

To find more information on Apothederm's Stretch Mark cream from their official website click here