Interview with Prila's Fine Jewelry Co-Founder

The Founders of the Prila Fine Jewelry Line

Priya Judge, co-founder
Her love of all things beautiful has motivated Priya Judge to embark upon
ventures that reflect her fine sense of fashion. Along with managing her family’s
thriving 32-year-old textile business, Judge is a dedicated and successful
entrepreneur who has been involved in several business endeavors that have
touched upon a variety of industries including fashion retail.
As a co-founder of the Prila line of fine jewelry, Judge is passionate about
providing high-end, distinctive pieces that can help her clients define their own
sense of personal style. Her extensive international travels give her access to eyecatching
gems and some of most highly-skilled experts in the jewellery industry.

Laurie Kader, co-founder
Much more than just a passion, art is an integral part of Laurie Kader's life. From
high-realism to abstract pieces, Kader's works are deeply personal expressions of
the world that she inhabits. Born and raised in Montreal, Kader holds degrees in
fine arts as well as art education. Her art has been exhibited all over the world
including Italy, New York and Montreal.
As a co-founder of the Prila line of fine jewelry, Kader uses her artistic sensibilities,
and strong communication skills, to beautifully interpret the unique vision of each
of her clients. Each piece features an exceptionally beautiful design that blends
art with personal style.


Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about Prila? How did it get started?

Prila started with two ladies and their love for fine jewelry. Priya, an accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for luxury, and Laurie, a born artist who has mastered the multidisciplinary field of arts.  The two crossed paths at a boutique and shortly after began building their brand.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? How you got started in the business?

Laurie is an accomplished fine artist who has traveled the world as a professional painter. Her works are pieces of abstract beauty. She has her Master’s in Arts and has always been involved in the journey of her passion. Her love for color, shape and design in her paintings has transcended into fine jewelry.  
Priya’s extensive travels, eye for design and entrepreneurial skills had a network of people asking her to design jewels for them for quite some time, as she custom designed most of her own pieces in various countries. It was time to turn this talent into a brand.

Sarah Velasco: What inspires you when it comes to jewelry and what inspires Prila?

The appreciation of different cultures, design, art and architecture, which we experience through travel.

Sarah Velasco: What makes Prila different from other jewelry companies?

Prila is based on personalized, exquisite design.  We bring the experience to our clients’ door. Everyone wants something special, different and unique. We are able to recognize our clients’ needs, and help them customize a piece that will never be made twice. Our clients have the ability to hand pick stones and have a better understanding of what they are purchasing, rather than walking into a store and purchasing what is available to them.
Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us the inspiration behind the pieces?

The inspiration behind each piece usually comes from the client. We meet with them and the goal of our first meeting is to analyze what kind of design will blow them away. The beauty of fine jewels is timeless, so our goal is to achieve this keeping in mind the client’s taste. A deep green emerald may be timeless for one person, and a black diamond for someone else. Our job is to recognize this and create something that the client may never have thought of, but represents a timeless piece according to their personality.

Sarah Velasco: What are common misconceptions about jewellery?

A common misconception is that fine jewelry will be very expensive. Fine jewelry is definitely an investment, but the prices can start at $1000. People are sometimes scared to invest, not realizing that fine jewelry holds its value for life.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell our readers the process into how clients can customize jewellery?

The design process starts with a sketch that we provide, which eventually is submitted as a drawing. Once this is approved the piece goes into production. If the client requests we also provide a computer generated image of the design. For special occasions we offer our clients a signed final drawing.

Sarah Velasco: Anything else you would like to let our readers know?

We are looking forward to releasing a small collection to showcase our talent and vision, but continuing to do what we love most, which is custom design.

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