Kaeng Raeng: Introduction

Kaeng Raeng be healthy. be strong

An All Natural Cleanse Program 100% made in the USA with only locally sourced ingredients from the California farmers.

Lindsay Reinsmith, founder & CEO of Kaeng Raeng, and certified personal trainer created Kaeng Raeng after having a hard time staying healthy. While at Stanford and later working in investment banking, Lindsay began an all natural vegan cleanse to jumpstart weight loss and boost her health. 

Kaeng Raeng is a safer alternative to Juice Fasts. Each day of your cleanse you enjoy 3 different smoothies. Mix cold water or juice with one of the individually packaged, freeze-dried Kaeng Raeng packets and enjoy one per meal time. Each packet makes a filling and nutritious 32 oz smoothie packed with 19g of protein and 11g of fiber. There is no fasting and no starving yourself. You can also consume raw fruits and vegetables while on the cleanse, and Kaeng Raeng recommends you do!

  • Just add water and shake
  • Add to your favorite smoothie recipe and blend!
Kaeng Raeng offers 3-day or 6-day cleanse programs in 4 varieties. 

1. Soy Free - The same intensity as their Beginner level, now featuring high quality, locally sourced pea protein
2. Beginner - Their most popular level, for first time users and those with an average or conventional diet
3. Veteran - For those who have done at least one cleanse and those with a moderately healthy diet
4. Master - For experienced cleansers, vegans, and health nuts. 

Don't know which category you fit into? 
You can take a detox quiz here to find the best level for you. 

Kaeng Raeng is made from all natural, non -GMO, freeze dried ingredients locally sourced from California farmers. Their organic fruit is raw, never heated, and maintains 100% of its nutritional value. They use no preservatives, and no artificial colours, flavors, or sweeteners. What you see is what you get!
Kaeng Raeng is in powder form for your convenience. While dry, Kaeng Raeng has a two year shelf life. Once added to liquid it will spoil within 18 hours


Healthy - No fasting! 
Accessible - Starting at $17/ day
Kind - Animal free and safe for vegans, vegetarians, and lactose intolerant
Gluten Free - Safe for Celiac Disease
Soy Free - Dietary restriction friendly
Stimulant & Laxative Free - No harsh side effects
Highl Quality & Delicious
Local & Sustainable - Made in Northern California with only local ingredients
Convenient - No strict schedule, no long commitment