Love Grace: FAQ's

This information is from Love Grace foods' official website. 
What’s a juice cleanse?
Juice cleanses are used to get the glow back. To be re-inspired, have energy levels you never knew possible, lose weight, really jump start your healthy lifestyle. When doing a juice cleanse you refrain from eating depending on how deep you would like to cleanse.  You drink (optimally) cold-pressed organic juices through out the day.
Specifically with Love Grace we offer 4 16-oz cold-pressed juices, 1-16oz super food smoothie and 1-4oz Ginger bomb (a little fiery healing elixir)
Fasting has been used for centuries for healing, spiritual practices and longevity.
Why should I juice cleanse?
Few awesome things about juice cleansing:
- When you refrain from eating food your body has all the energy that it usually uses for digesting food to go to healing and working on specific conditions. (our body is awesome at healing, we just don’t give it the resources and time to do so)
- It is also about what you’re leaving out of your body as much as what you’re putting in
- The chlorophyl rich juices will bind to toxins and (+) charges such as toxins, heavy metals, free-radicals and safely move them out
- Mental clarity, energy, focus and glowing skin are an awesome bonus
- Alkalinity is a major objective. Disease can not breed in an alkaline environment and juice cleansing because they are mineral rich will naturally create an alkaline environment.
- If you have weight to lose you will naturally lose anywhere from 5-20 lbs juice cleansing as a result of both lower caloric intake and alkalinity
- The weight is often kept off because during the cleanse you are receiving a full spectrum of phytonutrients and minerals and actually flooding your system with nutrients it doesn’t usually receive. A few reasons are depleted soil, also you can’t eat 6 heads of kale in one sitting but you can drink them and receive condensed nutrition that way.
How long should I cleanse for?
We generally recommend 3-5 day cleanses to start.  In our experience when cleansing for 5 days you start to see optimal results.  The first 3 days your system has a chance to rest and cleanse.  By day 4 and 5 you really go to healing, rebuilding and remineralizing and experiencing a real transformation in energy levels, vibrancy, weight, and glow to name a few. Of course it is important to listen to your body and also what works for your schedule.
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