Lush Cosmetics: Valentine's Day Campaign

"This Valentine’s Day with the spotlight is on the Sochi Winter Olympics, the Russian government is neglecting its duty to protect the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender & Queer(LGBTQ) community. LUSH Cosmetics and All Out, champion everyone’s right to love and stand with all citizens who are calling on the Russian government to stop fueling anti-gay violence. All Out seeks to challenge homophobic laws and attitudes, and is working to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTQ community worldwide.

We’re hoping to get the attention of the Russian government by handing in photo petition books on February 14th filled with the faces of people who believe love is an essential human right and we need your help! LUSH is encouraging the public to show their solidarity by posting selfies wearing the pink triangle symbol to their social media networks using #signofloveThe#signoflove pink triangle is seen as a global symbol of LGBTQ rights."

Throughout this campaign, supporters have painted pink triangles on their bodies using ourEmotional Brilliance liquid lipstick in the shade ‘BELIEVE,’ as we believe everyone should have equal rights regardless of whom they love. The Emotional Brilliance liquid lipstick range ($18.95 each) is made with a moisturising base of jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. This collection is less about wearing makeup that’s in-season or on-trend and more about wearing colours that shape your mood—a way to wear colour that’s designed for you."