LUSH: Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

What: Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
What it is: Jasmine Powder to dust all over your skin. 
Ingredients: Cornstarch , Kaolin , Cocoa Butter , Magnesium Carbonate, Fragrance , Jasmine Absolute ,Vetivert Oil, Cinnamyl Alcohol ,Benzyl Cinnamate , Linalool
Price: $7.95

"Silky Underwear was the first dusting powder that we (Lush) ever created, and it has continued to capture the imagination (and more), of our (their) customers. It remains the smoothest, most luxurious and best-selling powder we make. Grated cocoa butter melts onto the skin for a silky sensation, and the absorbent powders make sure your body doesn't feel greasy. In fact, it helps your clothes go on more easily or even better, slip off easier. With the sexy jasmine and vetivert scent that clouds you in aphrodisiac fragrance it’s been known to happen. Slip on some Silky Underwear and find out for yourself."

What we think: This product is a great way to get a scent on your body and perfect for warmer temperatures to absorb the extra sweat you might be experiencing. It has cocoa butter to hydrate and condition, and the smell of jasmine which is lovely.
Put some on your hands, smooth on your body and experience the great results!
Great price as a little goes a long way.

Other uses: Sprinkle some in your gym bag, carpet, and bed sheets.