"Cold weather is no excuse to be unfashionable! Mondor proves that style and comfort can come together with their Merino wool tights, perfectly adapted to the harsh Canadian climate.
Mondor’s three stylish models with sewn elastic bands and reciprocated heel and toe are offered in many classic shades. Whether it be solid tone, ribbed pattern or cable pattern, the Merino wool tights are the perfect solution to stay elegant, even in the harshest of conditions."

We recommend Mondor for tights that are elegant and original. Their tights are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The quality is very good and they do not roll much on the waist. 
Mondor tights keep you warm in the winter and make a great accessory to  wear with dresses or for an extra layer under pants. They stay in place and do not sag. There are a variety of lengths available and have a good, soft stretch. 
The available sizes are S-P, M, L-G, and XL-XG.

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