Preparing for your Kaeng Raeng cleanse

Once you order your cleanse, Kaeng Raeng will send you an email to make your cleanse experience the best it can be! They encourage you sending them emails for any questions you have.

Before you cleanse
Kaeng Raeng suggests you ease into your cleanse 2-3 days before, cutting back on processed foods, sugar, and animal products. You may notice detox symptoms immediately depending on your every day eating habits. Caffeine and sugar withdrawal headaches are normal, especially if you have them every day!
Before you start your cleanse, stock up on fruits and vegetables. Non-dairy milk and 100% juices are also great but try to avoid anything with added sugar or salt. (People do Kaeng Raeng liquid only, but do what is best for you!) If you have coffee or tea regularly, try organic green tea in the morning to avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches.

During Your Cleanse
You can blend Kaeng Raeng powders into smoothies. Kaeng Raeng offers great recipes that you can check out here. Kaeng Raeng is low in sugar and will not taste very sweet. So, if you are used to having sweet beverages, you may find that adding a small amount of juice will provide enough sweetness without adding many calories. 
Kaeng Raeng suggests drinking your first shake slowly as consuming it too quickly can make you feel nauseous because it has a lot of nutrients.
Drink your last shake of the day at least 4 hours before you sleep.
Drink water while on the cleanse! (At least 64oz) to avoid dehydration and cramping.

Each person's bodies respond differently to the cleanse. As you cleanse, your body will release built up toxins in your system. For most people, there are little to no side effects. for others, you may experience slight nausea, headaches, cramping, and even a skin rash initially. These are good signs that the detox is working! Your body has to get a little worse before it can get better. 

After Your Cleanse
To transition out of the cleanse, it is best to post-cleanse properly to avoid stomach cramping. Reintroduce cooked vegetables, then grains, and nuts in the first two days. Then, meat and dairy last if those are in your regular diet. It is best to stay vegetarian at least 3 days after the cleanse has finished.