DormCo Preview Post

You've finally decided on which college you will be attending. You have visited the campus, finalized many of your plans... and need to start thinking what you will be packing!

DormCo is a great company for first time or returning college students. They have so many great items not only for dorms but for students moving out of the dorms into their own places. It is so much fun browsing their website to find great, affordable items that suit your personal style.

DormCo is the perfect website to go for organization, bedding, and decor. It is a great college dorm superstore with everything you could possibly need to feel right at home. 

We love these items!

These minimalistic, sleek fold- up laundry hampers look great for any dorm room or bathroom! With an easy shut and lock lid, and collapsable feature, who knew storing dirty laundry could be so chic? 

Dorm trunks protect valuables in your dorm room and make great organizers.  Why not add a pop of color while you're at it? DormCo has a huge variety of colors which will add a nice touch to the typically plain dorm wall colors. 

DormCo also has a great selection of bedding, as well as mattress pads, pillows, bedrests... Everything you could need for your dorm room at college. This Pink Mural Comforter set looks so elegant. You can view more designs here

DormCo also offers inexpensive shipping ($2.99 for all orders) so it's easy and economical to stock up on everything you need at their site!