Mia Beauty Clip-n-Bangs

"Instantly redefine your look with these faux hair extensions. Clip-n-Bangs are easily applied with two weft clips and can be straightened on medium heat. One size fits all!"
Available in blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black.
$7 each

Great for those that do not want to commit to bangs. Temporary bangs are the greatest thing and they are so simple to use!
These bangs have clips at the back to ensure they stay put. Snap open the clips, part your hair, tuck a little bit hair away behind your ears. 
If you want a full fringe, the bangs should reach right above your eyebrows.
Grab some of your hair with the teeth of the clips and snap them shut. Adjust it a little bit so it blends with your hair. You can change up your look in just a few seconds! 

Mia Beauty Clip-n-Bang are available at drugstores, select beauty retailers, www.miabeauty.com and other retailers online and nationwide.

About Mia Beauty
This innovative beauty company was started in 2000 in San Francisco, California with Mia Kaminski's first patented product, the Tonytail® ponytail wrap. With its immediate success and continued steady growth, the company now offers over 500 hair accessories, styling tools, appliances and hair care products. The company sells its various product lines to mass market retail, specialty retail, chain drug, department stores, beauty salons and beauty supply stores.