Ola! Gluten- Free Granola

The gluten-free granola from Ola! is amazing.  100% natural, pure, and simple hand baked granola. All of their recipes have 16g or more of whole grains. Their products are gluten free, Non-GMO verified, vegan, kosher and do not contain soy, dairy, or added oils. Their raw ingredients are sourced through natural channels. Because they make everything in small batches they can control the quality of their product. 

We highly recommend these products ! Ola! Gluten-free granola uses pure maple syrup for a hint of sweetness that is not overpowering. For the flavors that have nuts, you will find whole, crunchy nuts that are satisfying and delicious.  There are no added oils and the Ola! Brand granola is also low sugar, fat and sodium – with the snack packs at just 100 calories!  Right now, there are four delicious and flavorful gluten-free granola varieties offered by Ola!  They are: Vanilla Almond , Cranberry Orange Pecan , No Nut Vanilla  and Chocolate Banana Chip .  They have a nice range of flavors. 
If you want something more "simple" we recommend the Vanilla Almond or No Nut Vanilla. These flavors have a classic and clean granola flavor. No Nut Vanilla is great if you do not want nuts. A hint of vanilla and real maple syrup, perfect for yogurt! If you are looking for a chocolate fix we recommend Chocolate Banana Chip. This granola mix is absolutely delicious! Large pieces of banana chips mixed with little chunks of chocolate and granola mix. Cranberry Orange Pecan has a unique citrus blend that contains dried cranberries, orange notes and pecans. 
These come in convenient packaging with a resealable bag- great for keeping the products fresh and preventing spills. 

Ola! also offers snack packs in Vanilla Almond  and No Nut Vanilla . Great for when you're on the go!

Ola! Granola is a hearty, perfectly sweetened, high energy food that is all natural. Keeps you feeling satisfied! You can find Ola! gluten-free granola in some specialty stores, or online.  Use coupon code SV2014 for FREE shipping!

You can view our interview with Dina Houser, Founder and President of Ola! Foods here