ZERO WhiteTM Whitening Pen

"Throw away your trays and strips and turn to the ZERO WhiteTM Pen which dries on teeth, crowns, veneers and caps in just 60 seconds. Like the ZERO WhiteTM System, the pen is formulated using natural botanical whiteners that do not irritate or harm teeth. The formula does not have a bad taste and works while you sleep for results within two weeks." 

ZERO WhiteTM Whitening Pen ($29)
ZERO WhiteTM Whitening Pen 2-Pak ($39)

The latest technology in teeth whitening ensures results without harmful toxins. Whitening Lightning has just launched ZERO WhiteTM, the only natural alternative to chemical laden teeth whiteners.

Already embraced in Hollywood by daytime TV stars and big screen actors, the botanical based solution effectively whitens without carbamide peroxide, a harmful ingredient in most whiteners and known to cause pain, sensitivity and enamel erosion.

What we think:
We highly recommend this product if you are looking to get whiter, brighter, and healthier looking teeth!
Using the product over two weeks results in having noticeably whiter teeth, especially considering that this product has no peroxide or bleach in it. Whitening your teeth is a work in process so if you do it at home, be patient! We love this whitening pen as it is a great, natural alternative for whitening your teeth. It does not make your teeth feel sticky afterwards. Even after a week you see results. Your teeth will be less yellow and stained. This product works!

Whitening Lightning ZERO White Teeth Whitening Pen is available at Whitening Lightning's website