BFF Period Undies by Simple Neccesit-Ease, Inc

"BFF Period Undies by Simple Necessit-Ease provides that EXTRA layer of protection women need, when their "Friend" can feel like the enemy! The soft, comfortable cotton/ spandex fabric and its innovative, breathable coating in the center and rear keep any leaks from feminine hygiene products in the pantry and NOT on clothes. No worries, No stress, Simple Necessit-Ease!"

BFF Period Undies are comfortable and cut in sleek shapes for great fit. They come in classic tones of nude, pink, blue, black and white lace trimming. These undies are manufactured in high quality cotton with lycra blend for memory retention. It also has a slim, waterproof, breathable, polycoated fabric liner that is comfortable against your skin. Each garment has been processed and tested and will last with washing and stretching. 

These undies are true to size and are extremely comfortable to wear! They are soft and have enough elasticity. They work well and do exactly what they promise. 
Since they are machine washable, they are easy to clean. When you take them out of the dryer they are back to looking new. We recommend this product and are impressed with them! You no longer have to dread staining your clothes when your period comes. 

Available at Harmon Face Value Stores, Christmas Tree Shops and select Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide for $7.99. To find a location near you log onto www.necessit-ease.com