"The Cheribundi team ensures that each bottle of cheribundi contains 50 cherries, picked at their ideal point of ripeness. Our orchards are located in Geneva, NY.
Backing up our farmers and juicing team, our offices in Boulder, CO take care of day-to-day business operations."

Cheribundi was created after the discovery that “snacking on Montmorency tart cherries eased a regular person’s back pain. This cure was researched by food scientists at Cornell University who not only uncovered the benefits of tart cherries, but also developed a proprietary juicing process so all the cherry-goodness and nutrients could be delivered in a great tasting juice.” 
Tart cherry juice is full of antioxidants, which fight free-radicals and repair cell damage inside the body. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and is great for athletes because of this.
Cheribundi says their products will improve sleep and athletic recovery, lessen aches and pains. Studies found decreased oxidative stress in healthy older men and women, significantly less strength loss among 14 male student athletes, and an increase in antioxidant status and more rapid recovery of strength in 20 London Marathon runners. The studies were based on consumption of 8 – 12 oz of Cheribundi twice a day.




We highly recommend CheriBundi's Cherry Juice ! We love that it is locally made, has anti-inflammatory benefits, and is made entirely of cherries and not from concentrate. Plus, it tastes fantastic.
These beverages are sweetened with all natural apple juice and Cheribundi does an excellent job of making this tart cherry juice taste very good. 
Post workout, the juice gives you energy like an energy bar. It is also refreshing to drink and is an all-natural whole food that will be your source of recovery!

CheriBundi's Fruit Refresh  juices are delicious and pair nicely with a meal! They come in 16.9 oz bottles and contain 20 cherries per bottle. The tart cherry flavor in these beverages are delicious! It quenches your thirst and hits the spot. The different flavors give you nice variety. We highly recommend these beverages!

CheriBundi has Tea Refresh beverages are tasty! The tea and cherry combination make a wonderful pair. We find these beverages refreshing and perfect for the summer weather! 

CheriBundi's Smoothie Packs are a wonderful part of the line. They are organic, and contain frozen tart cherry puree. It is to be blended with your own smoothie ingredients for a delicious tart cherry smoothie. It makes such a great addition to your smoothie!

We love CheriBundi's products. Tart cherries are an excellent source of antioxidants, particularly anthocyanins, which block the enzymes that cause muscle inflammation. These beverages are great for post-workout recovery and helping arthritic conditions. They are also a natural source of melantonin to promote better sleep at night without making you tired during the day. These products are delicious! 
If you like cherries you will especially love CheriBundi. These products are so much better than other ones on the market, and are our go-to juice this summer! Especially when we need a boost. We appreciate that their juices are not from concentrate, and that Cheribundi has a wide variety of flavors and types of drinks. Plus, they manage to add so many cherries to each bottle!