Dew Puff

"Dew Puff is a 100% plant-based facial cleansing sponge. Cleans, exfoliates, brightens, and refreshes
Folklore says that a Buddhist monk enjoyed a meal of konjac root one evening and fell asleep at the table. When he awoke the konjac had frozen and then defrosted, resulting in a sponge that easily hydrated with water. Asian women have been using this amazing tool to clean, gently exfoliate and brighten skin since that fateful night!
Masashi Tsuchiya is the person behind importing Dew Puff to the U.S. His wife Maya was looking for an affordable beauty tool to offer to the American consumer. She found Konjac  sponges . They have had a long history of use, so the couple knew that they were highly effective...and thus, Dew Puff was born!"

Dew Puff Original  $7 each
"Dew Puff natural sponges clean without drying out your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and looking smooth and radiant. Gentle enough for any type of skin - even your baby's skin."

  • Unscented konjac sponge
  • Cleans skin without chemicals
  • Helps keep skin hydrated
  • 100% chemical free.
  • Just add water to use.

  • "The Bamboo Charcoal natural sponge contains activated carbon and minerals to help prevent breakouts, plus antioxidants to fight acne-causing bacteria. This konjac sponge is soothing and helps fight blemished skin."

  • Super soft konjac sponge.
  • Gentle enough for everyday skin care
  • Cleans, exfoliates and refreshes your skin.
  • Natural sponge to help keep skin hydrated
  • 100% chemical free natural sponge
  • Just add water to use.

  • "Dew Puff Asian Clay natural sponge helps stimulate skin cells white absorbing impurities below the pore level. Leaves skin looking rejuvenated, renewed and helps reduce aging."

  • Stimulating natural sponge
  • Konjac Sponge for absorbing skin impurities.
  • Active pore clensing.
  • 100% chemical free.
  • Just add water to use.

  • What we think: Dew Puffs are a face and body cleansing sponge that are 100% plant based. This is great as so many facial cleansers and body washes have gluten and other allergens. 
    These exfoliating sponges are made with konjac root, which has been used for hundreds of years in Japan for its cleansing qualities. It has been used to obtain beautiful skin.
    When you moisten a Dew Puff sponge, you are left with exceptionally soft, clean skin. By just adding water, the Dew Puff becomes soft and ready to use. It is easy to use, and a natural beauty product.
    Using Dew Puff makes your face feel great after washing: refreshed and without feeling dry, soothing even irritated skin. 
    These cleansing sponges are also gentle enough for baby's skin, in addition to being 100% chemical free, and preservative free. Dew Puff is also great for those with eczema, and sensitive skin. 
    The three varieties are great! There is the Original Dew Puff that can be used with water or your favorite cleanser, Bamboo Charcoal perfect for blemish prone skin, and Asian Clay, which helps stimulate skin cells and absorbs impurities, leaving you with a healthy glow. 
    We highly recommend Dew Puff! Even after the first wash, your skin will begin to feel softer and look more radiant. This is a must have in product in your beauty routine. Once you try this all-natural, eco-friendly product, you will never want to use any other kind of face cleansing sponge again.