Interview with Grace SooHoo: CEO of Simple Necessit-Ease

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get started?
Grace SooHoo: I am 47 years old and a mother of 4. The concept for the period undies began as "girl talk" when I was in college. Some of us were sharing the stresses of periods. Embarrassing moments due to our periods and I wished there was a simple answer like a period pantie. So upon graduation even though I was working full time for a media company, I decided to try and develop one using the resources of our family's clothing manufacturing plant in NY. Research & Development had begun in the early 90's. We made a prototype with all raw materials and production in the US. Our first prototype was successful at preventing leaks when pads/tampons exceeded their use, but I felt it was too thick for use during exercise or sports. Therefore, the first period pantie we developed in the early 90's was not marketed. In addition, patents were being filed. In the process I found out there were similar panties in Japan & Korea. Therefore, I put the company aside assuming it would only be a matter of time before a larger company marketed the product. So I abandoned the idea, married and started my family. In the mid 90's, Kotex came out with the Kotex Personals, but to my amazement it was disposable, thick and diaper like. It did not succeed. In 2004, when my third child started preschool, I decided to start the endeavor once again to fill the void in the market. Humiliating accidents were still a part of my life and of millions of females. Unfortunately I was not able to find an effective breathable, lightweight treatment that would with stand the hundreds of machine washings and drying in the US, but we did find one abroad. Success!! A bikini brief to cater to the large target market females from 11 - 50 plus. Simple Necessit-EASE became an official corporation in 2004 and www.necessit-ease.com had been launched. Unfortunately, my then 5 year old son Tyler was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He became my number one priority. I abandoned the Period Undies once again. Tyler lost his battle at the age of 6. A few days after his passing I received an email notification of an order from the website I neglected. I took it as a sign to go on with life in his memory, but it was easier said than done. Simple Necessit-EASE has taken baby steps to bring forth healing and most of all a product that works and one that provides a simple solution to a common problem. The product was selling itself on-line. Females searched for something to help this common problem.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell readers about Simple Necessit-Ease? How did that begin? 
Grace SooHoo: Simple Necessit-Ease began once again in 2007, with the prooven BFF Period Undies. Throughout the years, we listened to every feedback and redesigned the panties to our current styles. We launched at the Lingerie Americas and Curve Shows. Entered over 19 lingerie boutiques throughout the US, Canada and Central America after those shows, but the panties required a lot of explaining and on hangers it looked like an over priced pantie. The stores had a hard time selling since no one knew what it was. It was always misunderstood as a disposable or pantie that takes the place of sanitary products. The BFF Period Undies DO NOT replace sanitary pads or tampons. They replace ordinary panties during menstruation. They are truly your BFF when Mother Nature strikes. BFF Undies truly has your back! We took a step back and realized the place for our BFF Period Undies was not lingerie boutiques as of yet. We needed to make the product affordable and knew we had a new niche. Period Undies are a necessity and had to be with feminine hygiene products. The need for the product was prooven once again, when it aired on the Tyra Banks Show on her Period Party episode. Our website and telephone lines were swamped with orders and many wanted to know WHERE they can go purchase. As of 2013 we can proudly say the BFF Period Undies has found a new home in the feminine hygiene aisles of Harmon Face Value Stores, select Bed, Bath & Beyond and Christmas Tree Shops nationwide.

Sarah Velasco: What types of products do you carry? What styles do you carry? 

Grace Soohoo: The BFF Period Undies bikini Brief is our signature pantie to service the large target market. They are available in XS, Small, Medium, Large and XL in black, Natural and pink and baby blue on-line.

Sarah Velasco: How do BFF Period Undies differ from regular undies? 
Grace SooHoo: The BFF Period Undies look, feel and wash like ordinary panties, but our signature lightweight, waterproof polyester coating is brushed onto our soft cotton/spandex fabric where necessary (in the center and rear) and concealed for maximum discreet comfort. Customers find it so comfortable they can wear it anytime. Of course we tell them it is not our recommendation. The purpose of theBFF Period Undies is for use when you suspect your period approaching and for use during those days. If your sanitary product leaks the leakage will stay in the panty and not for the world to see. No mess, No stress! BFFPeriod Undies one of the Simple Necessit-EASE in life!

Sarah Velasco: Do you have some care tips you can share with readers? 
Washing instructions? 
Grace SooHoo: Our readers have written in and have suggested you rinse soiled panties in cold water and spray Resolve in the area. Throw into your washing machine. Although our care label states hang dry, our panties can me machine dried.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about Tyler's Magical Rainbow Foundation? Why is that important to you? 
Grace SooHoo: Tyler's Magical Rainbow Foundation is in memory of our son Tyler. He passed away at the age of 6 from a glioblastoma, an incurable brain tumor. Tyler's Magical Rainbow Foundation is supported by portion of sales from Simple Necessit-Ease, we then donate to organizations such as The Children's Brain Tumor Foundation, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, the Alec William Nelson Foundation and others.

Sarah Velasco: Anything else we should know? 
Grace SooHoo: Simple Necessit-EASE prides itself on marketing products that EASE the minds of millions of females. We have created a new nichin the feminine hygiene industry.