Mother's Day 2014

LUSH has fantastic products for every occasion! Treat yourself or a loved one for Mother's Day! 

NEW! Hello Sunshine Gift ($15.95): Hello Sunshine is one gift that will make you and anyone you gift it to feel amazing. Inside you’ll find the brilliant Brightside Bubble Bar and our most giving body lotion, Charity Pot. Crumble Brightside under the tap, sink deep into the tub and its uplifting citrus oils will brighten anyone’s day (and their bath) with its tantalizing blend of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils. Then, keep skin hydrated and soft with our luxurious Charity Pot body lotion. With every purchase of Charity Pot, we donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organizations, like Amarok Society (the Charity Pot in this gift).

We love this gift! With every purchase LUSH donates $5.95 to their Charity Pot fund which goes to small, grasroots organizations. The Greenspun Knot-Wrap is also made from recycled plastic bottles and can be used again and again. 

NEW! Rose bubble bar ($4.95): This beautifully crafted bubble bar will instantly transform mum’s bath time experience into a rose filled voyage through a mountain of skin softening bubbles. Rosehip oil and cocoa butter grated into the mixture provide the softening properties; while rose and lemon provide the fragrance. We’ve added cornstarch to the mix so you get a more condensed bar that can be broken in half and used over two baths. Or you can use the whole things for masses of creamy, softening bubbles.

NEW! Inhale Exhale bath bomb ($5.35): A new bath bomb with two halves – each lightly scented with one half of the two-part Gorilla Perfume fragrance, Breath of God.The Inhale half fizzes quickly, allowing mum to breathe in the light and fruity neroli and rose to relax. She can then lie back, breathe out and enjoy the grounding effect of theExhale fragrance, with notes of smoky cedarwood and revitalising lemon and grapefruit. This half fizzes more slowly to give mum an even longer lasting soak.

Smells delicious and helps you relax in the tub while adding a pretty tint to the water! The scent lightly lingers on your skin the rest of the day. 

NEW! Wonder Woohoo bubble bar ($6.95): Inspired by Wonder Woman and created for wonder women! Mums can channel their inner superhero when using this bubble bar, covered in gold sparkle to replicate Wonder Woman’s gold tiara! Packed full of sandalwood and Brazilian orange oil from our best selling Gorilla Perfume, The Sun,Wonder Woohoo is ideal for overworked super mums in need of a little time to recharge and rejuvenate.

Makes lots of bubbles and has a heavenly scent! Not too overpowering and leaves the water a mystical yellowish gold with glitter. A great bubble bar!

Back with best selling fragrances, Mum’s ($8.95 each) are a selection of innovative re-usable bubble bar wands, especially for mum. Simply hold under running water for a trail of deliciously fragranced bubbles. Mum: this bright and cheerful yellow flower has the same sweet caramel fragrance as Lush’s global bestseller, Honey I Washed The Kidssoap. Tulip shares the same fragrance as our best selling Sex Bomb bath bomb, a heady scent that will revive and clear her mind. Madame Butterfly: A pretty pink butterfly fragranced with gorgeous rose absolute and rose oil. There’s a hint of lemon and geranium oil too which helps to balance the skin.

LUSH always impresses us time and time again with creative and always adorable limited edition collections! Be sure to visit a store or online to pick up a treat for yourself or a loved one. You can view their entire Mother's Day collection here