Peace Sign Toaster by Burnt Impressions

"May your breakfast always be peaceful and your carbs be never old. Make this day forever young. "

What: Burnt Impressions Peace Toaster
Price: $30
What we think: This makes a great gift! Burnt Impressions has a huge selection to choose from, as well as an option to customize your toaster. You can upload your photos and let them make a one of a kind toaster. You can also give them your art and they can create a personalized toaster with clip art, line art, logos...They also make great promotion gifts for businesses. 
Aside from the unique designs, these toasters make great toast! The toast comes out soft around the edges, and then more firm, and then soft in the middle. The center is always nice and warm! 
This toaster is easy to use, and you can customize it to how toasted you want it. We highly recommend this product. We love it, and think you will too!

Please note that the image is on one side of the toast. They are listed for use in U.S.A and Canada, and Burnt Impressions has a 90 day warranty. 


You may view our interview with founder of Burnt Impressions, Galen Dively here