Purple Prairie Botanicals

" Skin care products that contain the nurturing, safe & organic ingredients combined with herbal infusions & pure essential oils restore the balance of both physical and mental well being. This allows us to cater to all skin types including the most sensitive skin." - Purple Prairie Botanicals
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"This bottle of beauty will leave you loving the skin your in. Therapeutic Lemon can boost, purify and uplift the mind, body & spirit bringing focus and clarity. The hydrating properties of organic olive oil & shea butter will leave your skin nourished, soft and glowing. 4 or 8 oz. recyclable PET bottle with pump top."
What: Purple Prairie Lemon & Shea Lotion
Price: 4oz / $6.99 - 8oz / $10.99 
Features: Uplifts-Purifies-Hydrates, 99% natural ingredients
What we think: If you love the smell of lemons, this one is for you! The lemon scent is delicious, and not overpowering even with generous application. Smells great, works even better. It will clear up any dry skin you may have and leave you feeling soft. 

"A natural, safe way to to keep gnats, biting flies and mosquitoes away. A special blend of essential oils and plant extracts in a clean witch hazel and water base. Deet free. Try it on itchy bites, poison ivy, chicken pox and other itchies too. Safe for all ages. 4.2 oz. bottle with spray top."
What: Purple Prairie Bug Spray 
Price: $7.99
Features: 96% natural ingredients
Directions: Spray on exposed skin to keep away biting flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Repeat as necessary.  Feel the relief. Avoid eyes. Store in a cool, dark place. 
What we think: An effective bug spray! You won`t have to worry about getting attacked by mosquitoes and other bugs. Smells quite nice and since it is made with 96% natural ingredients you be more at ease knowing you won`t be putting harsh chemicals on your body. This is a great product. Works, smells nice and is safe!

"Lets face it, all girls need a carrot or two. This luxuriously rich face cream is packed with naturally occuring vitamin A, E and antioxidants. The nourishing powers of precious carrot seed oil, evening primrose and organic coconut oil provide an amazing facial rejuvination. Available in 2 or 8 oz .recyclable PET bottle w/pump"
What: Purple Prairie Carrot Rose Face Creme
Price: 2oz/$9.99 - 8oz/$28.99
Features: Calming, Grounding, Uplifting and 99% natural ingredients
Directions: Apply to face and neck working into the places that need it most. Use less for daytime-more for night treatments for a fabulous healthy glow.
What we think: This is a great face lotion that does not clog pores. Great for those with even sensitive skin. The product smells great and absorbs quickly.

All Purple Prairie Botanicals products are inspired and made with a back-to-basics approach. Our products are made in small batches using nature's ingredients. Many of our products meet and exceed organic standards. All products meet the following requirements:

NO Petroleum
NO Parabens
NO Synthetic Dyes
NO Artificial Preservatives
No Animal Ingredients
NO Detergents
NO Sulfates

Purple Prairie Botanicals products are great and we highly recommend them!