The Shandali GOSWEAT Yoga Towel

"The Shandali  GoSweat towel is designed to soak up your sweat. Other towels may get wet and bunch up on your yoga mat, distracting you from your practice. Our yoga towels focus on soaking up sweat so that your mat stays dry and you stay safe on your mat."
"Made from a unique and premium microfibre blend, the GoSweat towel was designed to soak up more sweat and moisture than any other yoga towel, keeping you safe and comfortable on your mat and towel."

Shandali GOSWEAT towel is better by design
  • Automatically soak up your sweat so that you keep dry and firmly on your mat
  • Instantly improve your yoga practice with our unique anti-bunching design—you may never have to re-adjust your towel again
  • Lightweight, so you can carry it easily to and from your yoga studio
  • Will survive countless washing and last for years (cost-savings)
  • Quick-drying in minutes, just hang and dry
  • Extends the life of your yoga mat by creating a hygienic layer (saving you money)
  • Mat-size towel—26.5″ x 72″ inches (covers up standard mat sizes completely)
  • Machine-washable
  • “The Shandali 30 day guarantee!” If you don’t love it, Shandali will refund you 100%. 
What we think: The Shandali GOSWEAT Yoga Towel measures in at 26.5” wide x 72” long, so it will cover your yoga mat perfectly. The material is soft, made of Micro-fiber: 80% Polyester/20% Nylon, and weighs in at about 350 grams per towel. It is the perfect size and weight to fold up and keep stored in your gym bag. The performance of the towel is great! It doesn’t shuffle, bunch, or move while you are doing exercises. When working out on just a mat, it gets slippery when you sweat, and since this towel soaks up the sweat with ease, you can focus on your exercises instead of sliding! The color of the towel is nice as it hides dirt and sweat rings very well. The quality and construction of the towel is impressive. Durable, high quality, and stays put! After washing several times, and it still looks and feels great. No shrinking or color fading. Plus, it is less costly than other hot yoga towels on the market We highly recommend this product!

About Shandali

Shandali GOSWEAT is the “revolution” in hot yoga towels. Extremely absorbent, lightweight and durable, the GOSWEAT towel outperforms other towels in its ability to soak up sweat and stay put firmly on your mat. It’s the ideal match for your hot yoga practice, keeping you dry and safe. It creates an anti-slip surface that allows you to focus on your yoga practice.
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