GoGo SqueeZ

"GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouches, 100% fruit with no added sugar, now come in 8 flavours with the addition of Apple-Pear and Apple-Grape, both of which have had a resounding success since their launch in the United States and in France.

Still gluten free, with no artificial flavours or preservatives and with only 60 calories per pouch, GoGo squeeZ snacks are recognized for their great nutritional value, but also because they are fun and convenient. It’s no surprise that both kids and their parents approve of it.

In addition, GoGo squeeZ pouches are now more practical than ever, thanks to their new heli’cap with wings, resealable and even easier to open with little hands. It’s just more fun!

GoGo squeeZ is also proud to have received the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) seal of approval this year. This award shows once again that parents recognize GoGo squeeZ as a healthy, practical choice for their children.gogosqueez.ca

These two new flavors: Apple Pear and Apple Grape are delicious! For those of you that have never tried or heard of GoGo Squeez, it is a snack made of 100% pure fruit, is all natural, gluten, nut, and dairy free. 
These fruit snacks are great for all ages and are perfect for babies who have just begun experimenting with solid foods. We really like the different fruit combinations GoGo Squeez has to offer, and the naturally sweet flavor. We think the fruit snack is fresh and delicious. 
GoGo Squeez is extremely convenient. It is packaged also in a safe polyethylene package (BPA or phthalates free) with a resealable lid. With the resealable lid, you won't have to waste the product if it is not finished. Their "heli'cap" with wings are easy to take on and off. The packaging is also really kid friendly and  the edges of the packaging have been smoothed out to prevent cuts and scrapes. 
GoGo Squeez is designed for parents looking to give balanced and delicious snacks for their children. Made with no additives, this is a snack that is great for kids on a daily basis (terrific for lunchboxes and after school!) 

The other flavors available are : Apple, Apple Strawberry, Apple Mango, Apple Berry, Apple Banana, Apple Peach. 

GoGoSqueez is available at many retailers and we're sure there will be one near you. To find the closest store, you can access their store locator here.