Partida Tequila

"Every ounce of Partida Tequila begins with a carefully cultivated supply of blue agave. Ours is grown near a dormant volcano in the Tequila Valley. Under the agave’s spiky tips lies “la piña,” tequila’s soul.

Even with tequila, patience is a virtue. You cannot rush the growth of la piña – the bigger it gets, the more mature the sugars, and the more full, ripe, and flavorful it becomes. We wait 7-10 years." www.partidatequila.com

Partida Blanco - "Partida’s Blanco boasts a soft floral aroma blended perfectly with hints of citrus, fresh herbs and tropical fruit. This crisp-tasting premium tequila lingers on your palate, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. Our high-quality Blanco is an original and nothing short of remarkable."

Partida Blanco is a peppery and clean silver tequila that is smooth and perfect for mixing. It comes bright silver in the bottle, and clear in the glass and its appearance! The bottle is classy and attractive and makes a wonderful accessory in your dining room. 
Partida Blanco has an initial sweet and earthy agave taste that turns herbal and fruity. There are pepper and tobacco notes mixed with hints of dried fruit. Volcanic soil gives a wonderful mineral scent that comes out, and there is a semi- hot finish full of mint that leaves a medium heated pepper aftertaste.
We love this pleasant, light, nose of floral and mint, with a whisp of cooked agave and alcohol. There is a nicely balanced sweet and minty taste.
This product is definitely a crowd pleaser! It has a nice medium-weight body that coats well, without being oily. The balance of the smell and taste go well with the weight.
Partida Blanco also has a pleasant light lingering finish with a nice agave and peppery kick that will leave you wanting more. This is an interesting and unique blanco tequila. The volcanic soil the agave is grown in gives it a special flavor. We highly recommend Partida Blanco. It makes an excellent tequila staple.  

Partida Reposado - "Partida’s Reposado is rich and smooth with a touch of sweet. Hints of vanilla, hazelnut, and almond make up the Reposado’s heavenly finish."

Partida Reposado comes in a luscious light yellow/ gold bottle. It is aged for six months in used whiskey barrels. According to some spirits experts, Partida Reposado is one of the finest reposado tequilas in the world. From first impressions, there is a lack of smokiness which is common in many other reposados. Instead, this one has a smooth agave scent, plus some nuttiness and slight wood notes. It is very subdued and the alcohol is hidden well. When you take a sip, you are able to taste mild pepper, cooked agave, minerals, almonds and sweat oak. It has a bit more bite than the Blanco and its light woodiness reflects its cask aging. Partida Reposado is very pleasing to taste and there is no burn going down. It is very smooth, and most drinkers would love to sip this straight. It has a rich flavor that does not need to be masked by lime juice or other liquids. The unique mineral taste of this tequila is best to be appreciated as is. It is a very solid tequila that we highly recommend. 

Partida's Añejo - "Partida’s Añejo is aged in one-pass Jack Daniel’s American Oak barrels. This advanced aging reveals an intense flavor that you won’t believe until you taste it yourself! Its fruity aroma of cherry, almond, and dried fruit will pique your interest. The flavor hints of banana, chocolate and sweet pear."

Partida's Añejo is deep copper in appearance, comes in a beautiful looking bottle. Nose is medium intensity, filled with wood, vanilla, and light agave. The initial taste, you are introduced with sweet citrus, with hints of vanilla. Agave, citrus, and hints of spice and smoke. You are delighted when you first taste it. It is thick but not too syrupy, which makes a very nice consistency.
Throughout, there are subtle hints of whiskey and vanilla, combined with earthy agave for a hint of sweetness and a touch of smoke. There is mild heat on the swallow and plenty of agave and pepper notes in the finish. The finish is nice and long with presence of the sweet agave, slight citrus, vanilla, and hint of smoke. The aging makes it smooth, and the linger is a floral/ grassy pepper which is very unique for tequila aged over 12 months. It is very good tequila, one of the most interesting we have tried and one we will be having more of!
Partida's Añejo is our new favorite "sipping" tequila. It is an incredibly smooth Añejo. It is oaky and aged in Jack Daniel's, giving it a complexity and lush feel that you do not get in tequilas of any age. There is a strong sweetness on the finish that gives it a fruity notes that is uncommon in this liquor. This is a must-try tequila for tequila fans!

We highly recommend these three products! Partida Tequila also has Partida Elegante, which "offers complex aromas of cedar, chocolate, cinnamon and toffee. After 40 months in barrel, the hue reveals a deep, rich amber color with a considerably intense concentration of aroma and flavor. It is the perfect balance between seduction and sophistication."

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