Summer Essential Beauty Product: Dermalogica After Sun Repair

"From sun up to sun down, Dermalogica® has got you covered with New! Protection Sport and the newly repackaged After Sun Repair.

New Protection Sport utilizes lipid-rich oleosome microspheres, antioxidants as well as licorice extract to soothe irritated skin. Hyaluronic acid bonds moisture to the skin without greasiness. This new product is water-resistant for up to 40 minutes and is a must-have for extreme sport enthusiasts.

After Sun Repair instantly reduces redness and cools sunburned skin with chamomile, clove, cucumber, szechwan pepper, lavender and yucca. This soothing balm also contains extracts of Japanese alder which scavenges free radicals and acceleratesthe repairs DNA damage after sun exposure.

Both Protection Sport $42CDN and After Sun Repair $45CDN are available at Dermalogica® authorized skin centers, spas and salons across Canada.
"An incredibly soothing treatment balm that helps to repair damage from exposure to UV sunlight as it helps to cool sunburn and reduce discomfort. Contains no artificial fragrance or color."

Dermalogica's After Sun Repair is one of our must-have beauty products for the summer. (Victoria Beckham claims it is one of her favorites!) This product rescues sun-kissed skin that has spent the weekend without a care for SPF. The redness and irritation can be fought off with this blend of seaweed, algae, Japanese alder, and herbs like camomile, licorice, mugwort lavender, cucumber, yucca and clove oil. These cooling botanical ingredients calm irritation, moisturize, and repair UV damage.  
This product is easy to apply and can be used liberally for maximum skin comfort. You can apply a generous amount over previously sun-exposed areas of the face and body. Just keep in mind to keep the product away from the eyes. 
We love that it contains no artificial fragrance or colour, and leaves no sticky residue after application. This product feels wonderful on the skin after sun or wind burn, and reduces peeling. It is an incredible super-cooling balm that is lightweight and sinks into the skin leaving it soft, and silky without a trace of greasiness.
This After Sun Repair is amazing, and a product we will be using for years and years to come! 
Dermalogica also recommends you use it after waxing to cool and minimize redness.

"Dermalogica® is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. The company is founded on the dedication to deliver skin health results through education, innovation and professional recommendation, not through advertising, frilly packaging, promises of miracle cures or overblown hype. The company was founded by Jane Wurwand, a trained skin therapist, when she realized there was no product line that embraced her belief of skin health as opposed to "beauty". Now, over 25 years later Dermalogica® products can be found in more than 900 preferred skin care centers, salons and spas across Canada. To learn more about Dermalogica®, please visit: www.dermalogica.ca"