Balance & Restore with Toners for Every Concern

"Versatile, nourishing and known to detox, toners remove the residue that soaps often leave behind, while helping to shrink pores, sealing in skin’s natural oils. The result- an even, balanced complexion.

No matter your skincare concern, emerginC offers toners that work to condition and calm the skin, while maintaining a healthy pH balance."

Each $30-31

For Oily/Acne Prone Skin: Deglazing Toner
For Dry Skin: Pomegranate Toner
For Sensitive Skin: Lavender Toner
For All Skin Types: Peach Toner

We have been fortunate to be able to try the Pomegranate Toner and Lavendar Toner and love them both! Toner is such an essential part of the skincare routine that people often miss. Toner removes oil and traces of dirt and grime. The are especially helpful for those with oily or acne-prone skin, and those who want an extra cleansing after wearing make up or other heavy skin products like sunscreen. Is that all?
Toner is also great for many other reasons. 
Toner can shrink pores, give your skin pH balance, add layers of protection, moisturizes, refreshes, and can prevent ingrown hairs. 

We love lavender. It is a beautiful plant with a refreshing scent. Plus, its health benefits are never-ending. It is a natural antiseptic, skin soother, calms senses... 
The Lavender Toner from emerginC is a light and refreshing product that is great for sensitive skin. In this product, there is also witch hazel, green tea, and chamomile.
While many toners dry out the skin (due to the alcohol content), this one leaves your skin feeling calm and nourished. It calms blemishes, while soothing and conditioning your skin. We love the light lavender scent of this product. It will help you feeling relaxed and ready for bed!

EmerginC pomegranate toner exfoliates your skin with malic and glycolic acids while preventing free-radical damage with pomegranate and green tea. It is a nice toner that smells nice, with a subtle fruity scent. It picks up anything left on your face after cleansing, and helps skin clear up and look less oily. It does not sting and leaves your face feeling soft and smooth.

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