"After taking the Caesar garnish category by storm with The Extreme Bean, Hot & Spicy, Matt & Steve’s introduces The Extreme Bean, Sweet & Savoury. Challenging the ordinary pickle, the new flavour is tasty enough to create countless hor d'oeuvres, dress up any burger and sweet enough to do what most The Extreme Bean lovers do, eat it right out of the jar."

While bartending in their early 20’s, college roommates Matt Larochelle and Steve McVicker quickly realized how many Caesars they were serving over the ‘wood’ and wished for a better, tastier and more flavourful garnish than a celery stick. With many calls made to Matt’s mother – the original pickling expert – they began hand packing beans into jars and experimenting with spice combinations. In the search for a unique bean, the Kentucky Flat Bean proved to be the star legume, growing longer and tasting sweeter than your normal everyday green bean. In their tiny 600 square foot apartmentover a small ring burner stove and hand me down pots, The Extreme Bean was born encompassing the brand’s four pillars:Tasty, Topical, Social and Fun.

Used as a beauty aid from the likes of Cleopatra and served as royal snack to Queen Elizabeth, the art of pickling dates back to 2030 BC. Soaring in popularity during the Age of Discovery as a solution to the lack of healthy meals and food spoilage and thanks to modern times, pickled products became a fun and tasty snack. In North America, more than5,200,000 pounds of pickled products are consumed annually equating to nine pounds per person. From “Pickling Parties” to National Pickle Day, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to end.
While many pickle giants have closed their Canadian factories, Matt & Steve’s continues to expand and spearhead pickle manufacturing in Canada – reinventing the 4,000 year old tradition. The Extreme Bean, Sweet & Savoury challenges the ordinary pickle, delivering the same big crunch and bold flavour foodies have come to expect from the original The Extreme Bean, Hot & Spicy. With a Kentucky flat bean and a special heat process with no artificial anything added, the new flavour is tasty enough to create countless hor d'oeuvres, dress up any burger and sweet enough to do what most The Extreme Bean lovers do, eat it right out of the jar – the evolution of the pickle has begun
Currently offering The Extreme Bean in three different flavours: Hot & SpicyGarlic & Dill, and now Sweet & Savoury, creating a Caesar garnish has turned into a lot of tasty products. With the success of The Extreme Bean comes a number of products and bar supplies from cocktail rimmers like Matt & Steve’s Caesar RimStrawberry Kiss and Lime Margarita to a The Extreme Bean stuffed jumbo olive, The B’nOlive – the perfect pairing for any martini, dirty or clean. 

If you love pickles, you need to try Matt and Steve's products. With varieties of pickled beans and bean stuffed olives, you have much to choose from. Looking at the label, you will notice that these have a low caloric content, and are a good source of calcium. You can get a 30% requirement in just 3 beans! 
Plus, they taste great. You have the texture of beans but the taste of dill pickles. A great way to add some vegetables in your meal or for a snack. 
Another great option is their hot &spicy, which has a nice kick. Not overly spicy, you get the great crunch of a pickled bean with a twist. It would be a great addition to a caesar. It has the right amount of spice!
The bean stuffed olives are also delicious with a nice kick of spice. Add it to your martini or eat it as a delicious snack. You can use it as a cocktail garnish in a Bloody Caesar, or to spice up a salad or antipasto plate. We even enjoy eating it right out of the bottle! 

Matt & Steve’s specializes in pickled products and cocktail seasonings. The company was founded in 2000 by college roommates Matt Larochelle and Steve McVicker. Known for The Extreme Bean™, a pickled bean with a big crunch and bold flavour, the product line includes The B’nOlive, glass rimmers and bar supplies that stand behind their four brand pillars: Tasty, Topical, Social and Fun. www.mattandsteve.com