Face Effects by Spa Sonic

Spa Sonic, makers of the Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher has launched Face Effects by Spa Sonic, a new cleansing spin brush in silver and gold and three prints- polka dot, cheetah and zebra. Face Effects offers two speed settings cand comes with a new grooved silicone brush attachment that cleanses like exfoliating beads. Additional attachments include a face brush and a latex sponge for microdermabrasion and the application of skincare products.
Enjoy a spa experience right at home. This dermatologist- recommended product gently exfoliates, cleanses, revitalizes your face & smooths complexion. It comes with a cleansing unit, facial brush, pore minimizer, facial sponge, and a storage case (comes with two batteries). 
This product is amazing and will leave you with the results of a spa facial. It is the cutting edge of cleansing technology and this product will start improving skin's tone, look, and feel immediately. It is water resistant for using in the sink, shower and bath, and has a 2 speed-power cleansing brush. Its removable rotating heads offer many benefits, which include a facial brush that cleanses the face with soft bristles, a pore minimizer that has a beaded silicone surface to deep clean and tighten pores, and a facial sponge with latex that aids in absorption of moisturizes to erase fine lines. Three treatments in one, and really easy to use!
We recommend using the pore minimizer sponge once or twice a week, as you would use an exfoliator. 

$59.95 / Available at select Target stores and online via www.target.com.