PlantFusion protein + Interview with the brand

SV: Can you tell us how it got started?
 PlantFusion was started four years ago with an idea to make plant-based nutrition easier and more delicious.

SV: Can you tell us about your products? 
We make plant based products using ingredients that we believe are not only good for our bodies, but good for our planet as well. We are people who have grown up in the “health food” lifestyle and embrace the philosophies of holistic living.

SV: What are in your products that are different from other companies? 
How often do you recommend consuming the supplement? It all depends on what you like. It can be as simple as adding one scoop in 10-12 oz of your favorite beverage, or adding fresh fruit into a blender and making a smoothie. We even have people that bake with PlantFusion!

SV: Can you tell us the difference between Phood and PlantFusion? 
PlantFusion is our original product. A plant based protein shake made with a blend of peas, artichokes, quinoa, and amaranth; PlantFusion is first and foremost a protein supplement. Phood is a much more complex product. We characterize it as a 100% plant based whole food meal shake. Essentially 8 supplements in one; Phood consists of the PlantFusion protein blend, wholefood vitamins/minerals, omega 3-6-9, complex carbs made from ancient grains, 6g of fiber, a cruciferous greens complex, 1 billion probiotics, and antioxidants.

SV: What are different ways to incorporate PlantFusion into food? 
The options are endless! We’ve seen PlantFusion brownies, cookies, pancakes, scones, granola bars, cakes, yogurt, oatmeal… even ice cream! Just search our website or Pinterest for new and exciting recipes.

SV: Can you tell us one delicious smoothie recipe to make using Plant Fusion? 
Here are two of favorites:

PlantFusion Creamsicle
1 scoop Van PlantFusiuon
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
½ cup water
3 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate
½ frozen banana
2-4 ice cubes

PlantFusion Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie
1 scoop Choc PlantFusion
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 frozen banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2-4 ice cubes

When looking for products that are all-natural, it's hard to find one that tastes great and gives what it needs to in order to be healthy and perform well. Typically, plant protein products are generally processed and are not as natural as you think. However, Plantfusion is different, and we love that this plant protein powder is organic, vegan, natural, non-GMO, with great ingredients. 
We love this as a daily supplement! The powder mixes very easily with anything: fruit smoothies, yogurt, (rice/almond/soy) milk, or plain water. With 10 seconds of shaking in a protein mixer or even a couple rotations of a spoon in water and it has dissolved! The texture is not too thin and not too thick and leaves no chunks. The result is a drink that has substance but still easy for sipping. We suggest that the powder should be put inside whatever container you use for preparing/drinking with some care. If not, it will have a tendency to create small clouds of powder if carelessly dumped into a tall glass.
As for flavor...the vanilla flavor is nice, not overly rich; a nice accent to any beverage.The chocolate is as well.
Overall, this is a great product for anyone seeking an alternative to protein powders that are not natural. This product is dairy free, soy free, hypoallergenic...Be active and stay natural!