Daily Makeup Routine

Hi Everyone!

Some of you email me from time to time wondering what my makeup routine is. Truth is, I've never been one to really use any makeup...either my technique is seriously lacking, or I can't be bothered. (More so because my technique is terrible) 

I really don't like a cakey looking complexion and makeup smudged clothing, (I'm usually guilty of both!) So, I choose to forego foundation on the typical, average day. I have nothing against foundation, tinted moisturizers... there are some that I quite like. I just prefer not to use any on a daily basis. 
Though maybe I would if I could achieve that dewy "no make up" look....

(like this)

But I can't. So here are the makeup products I normally use. 

1) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

$24 -  A little more pricey than one you could find at a drugstore, but worth the purchase. Lasts for a long time and made me realize that not all eyelash curlers are created equally! This curler has a great shape, and the curl holds for hours sans mascara. 

2) A mascara 

I'm really not stuck on a brand of mascara. In the past I've liked Lush's Eyes Right Mascara ($18.95), Clinique's High Impact Mascara ($16.50), Dior's Diorshow Mascara $25, Benefit's They're Real Mascara ($24)... the list goes on. I have to say though, kudos to Dolce & Gabanna and Tom Ford for the luxe packaging. I haven't tried the D&G or Tom Ford one but I'm guiltily a stickler for nice packaging. (AND for replacing mascara every month or two. Here's an article on when to toss your makeup.)
Essence Cosmetics also has super affordable mascaras. They have sent me different types of mascaras in the past few years, all of which work really well. 

3) Eyeshadow

I'm a 50/50 on this one. Some days I'll use some eyeshadow, some I will not. I usually go for a dark brown color and apply it naturally on the creases of my eyelids. I don't have a preference for eyeshadow brand either. In the past I've used Mac's Eye Shadows ($16), or Bare Minerals' Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 ($20)

4) Lipstick/ lipstains
I have phases of using lipstick. Sometimes I will every day for a week, and then go months without. I really do like a bold or subtle red. There was a phase I preferred a wine-stain type hue, which is great for the fall. 

I'm not brand loyal to lip products either. As long as the color looks great, it stays on for a long time, and it doesn't dry out your lips I'll go with any brand. Currently in my makeup drawer, I have Lush's Liquid Lipstick in Decisive ($18.95), Gerard Cosmetic's Fire Engine ($19) and a few others I can't remember on the top of my head. 
I normally gravitate towards reds as seen on Cara Delevingne above, and I really love how lipstick can really pull together a look. It's amazing how a pair of Lululemon's and a tank look a lot more dressy with a bold lip. 

Hope this answers some of your questions! 

xo Sarah