Flashion Flowers

Our love for flower crowns has blossomed into a serious obsession. Not only do these wreaths add brightness and color, they also make us feel like we're carefree and breezing through summer (despite the sticky heat). 
We've spotted popular styles at weddings and festivals all year long, and we're inspired to keep rocking these hair accessories all the way through fall. 

Mia Beauty has come out with flower crowns with a twist! Mia Beauty has unveiled the first floral halos with lights. With four different light settings, Flashion Flowers can be worn in the dark for a fun, festive look. 
How to use: Find the hidden battery chamber in leaf, carefully remove the battery unit, remove plastic "pull" tab from battery unit, and place the battery unit back in the leaf facing up. Close shut, and press the button to turn on the lights! Press the leaf once, and then more times to activate certain settings. 
1. Fast Flashing lights
2. Slow Flashing Lights
3. Constant Lights.
4. Off
Price: $19.99
Where: Available at Ulta, Claire's, Icing Stores, Target and CVS
We personally love this added touch to these flower crowns! The lights will be sure to turn heads. So great for when it gets dark outside, and if you're out dancing!  

Some questions from readers....

What hairstyle would you recommend pairing with a flower crown?
You can't go wrong with wearing one if you have a middle part, and long wavy hair, but everyone can rock the look! It also looks ultra chic to braid your hair or wear your hair in a bun. But it really doesn't matter, it's up to you! 

What clothing and makeup should you use?
It really depends on what look you're going for! Personally, we wouldn't do an all white ensemble, unless you want to resemble a flower girl at a wedding, or extremely flowy, floral pieces of clothing, unless you want to go full out on the boho chic look. But whatever works for you!  

Does this crown stay on?
It really depends on the type of activity you're doing (dancing, jumping, walking...), as well as how your hair texture is. If you have thick, wavy hair, you can wear the crown in such a way that it holds your hair in place and vice versa. Meanwhile, if you have straight, fine hair you may want to hold it in place with a few bobby pins. 

Light up your style, and let us know what you think! We always love to hear from you. letters@sarahvelasco.com

You can also find Mia Beauty's Flashion Flowers online here