Play Matchmaker with your Makeup

"Pair Up Shades from Lips to Tips with Gerard Cosmetics and FABY USA

Long lasting nail lacquers from FABY USA and lustrous lip colors from Gerard Cosmetics pair off to keep your beauty game going strong.

With a full line of luxurious, richly pigmented polishes, FABY USA is every nail-lover’s dream. Chip-resistant, quick-drying and long lasting formulas made from the finest ingredients are all big 5 free, making for a safe and easy at-home mani. The aptly named Classics collection is the original and most inclusive comprised of 150 colors to choose from so that finding your perfect match is guaranteed.

Founded by Jennifer Gerard, Gerard Cosmetics offers every woman products that are the solution to every day makeup blunders. Created with quality over quantity in mind, this collection of 8 luxurious lipsticks feature the highest quality formulas in a variety of shades that range from glam, to 90’s punk rock-inspired, to the perfect complement to your cat eye."

Faby USA and Gerard have some fantastic hues for the fall!
Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Cherry Cordial
FABY in Shall We Dance in the Dark?
Lips that range from deep cherry to aubergine are red carpet favs, and the best news is you can do it too. It's extremely wearable, and wine stained hues look great on all skin tones. Just don't over do it and don't have too dark of a shade for your skin tone (experiment with how much product you use and what works for you!) Whatever skin tone and age, you can pull it off. 
FABY in Naturally
Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Nude
Nude lips are the beauty statement today. The "no make up look" has been around for quite some time, and we have a feeling it's here to stay. Nude has officially transcended from a trend into a staple classic. Nude hues are flattering for everyone!
FABY in Hollywood Party
 Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Fairy Godmother
This girly pink hue was a huge hit Spring 2015, and can still be worn throughout the fall. Pairing a pink lip with minimal make-up everywhere else will make your look more styled. They're a fun trend to try all year round. For the summer, they're fun and for the fall & winter, they'll be sure to brighten up your look!

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