Colorado Springs

Photo Taken in Toulon, France
Hey Everyone!

Just to let you know, I will be in Colorado Springs for the next three weeks.
I realize updates have been scarce lately, but they will be a lot more frequent end of July. I promise!

The team has some super exciting features coming up, including a Lush Cosmetics Father's Day Feature. I'm personally very excited about that one as I know how many of you love their products!

So what's in Colorado?

Colorado College Summer Music Festival will be hosting 52 students from around the world. There are also more than two dozen internationally acclaimed faculty members part of this event. This year there were 470 applicants, the highest number of auditions in one year to date, so I'm extremely fortunate to be part of such a great event!

Sunday through June 25, Packard Hall, 5 W. Cache LA Poudre St., Colorado College will be hosting many events which are free. Ticket prices vary $140-$150 for season tickets so if you're in the area I would love to see and meet some of you!


Sarah Velasco

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