Lush: Father's Day

Surprise your dad this year with a treat from LUSH. They have fantastic products for Father's Day that are adorable and smell delicious!
What: Superdad
Price: $7.95
About: Sandalwood Oil
Why we love it: Superdad is so cute with its retro comic strip shape. We love how effective this bath bomb is as it fizzes slowly while giving out pink and blue foam. As it fizzes away, it turns the water into a bright blue. 
This bath bomb has a masculine fragrance but is suitable for everyone! It has a really nice woody, smoky scent that lightly lingers on your skin afterwards.

What: Thanks Dad
Price: $5.95
About: Fresh Orange Juice, Brazilian orange oil
Why we love it: We love how this soap is designed. The soap is meant to look like a child's building block with the letters D-A-D imprinted on each side of the block. It's so colorful and it contains Brazilian orange oil- a great scent to wake you up in the morning! 

What: The Modfather
Price: $5.95
Why we love it: This bubble bar, (like Thanks Dad) contains refreshing Brazilian orange oil. It is great for waking you up in the morning, as it has an invigorating refreshing citrus scent. When you crumble this bar under running water, it creates luxurious fragrant citrus bubbles.

As always, Lush never fails to disappoint with their delicious scents and fun designs. These limited edition products are online now and available in stores on June 13th. Be sure to check them out online or see them in person at a Lush store near you! 


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