The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Spa

The Four Seasons Spa is said to be one of the largest luxury spas in Toronto, with over 30,000 square feet of space. Located at the Four Seasons Hotel on the ninth floor, guests can enjoy the spa services and outdoor terrace view overlooking Toronto. 

I had the opportunity to visit the spa for services, which was a treat. The facilities are classy and spacious, and upon arrival you are brought into the change rooms and assigned a locker filled with a robe and slippers. Since the slippers are already placed in the locker, you may need to request for another size. 

Like many spas, it is encouraged to arrive early to enjoy amenities, and The Four Seasons Toronto Spa features an indoor swimming pool, lounge chairs, a co-ed whirlpool, and steam room. 
The steam room was quite nice and it was clean. This was such a relief as I often find many spa steam rooms with poor upkeep. I also appreciate that here, they provide cold towels in a bucket of ice that you can use with the steaming. The only other spa I've been to with the iced face towels was The Hammam Spa (King West). These cold towels make the steam room experience so much better! I believe you can take some time after your treatment to use the amenities as well and I highly recommend the steam room after a massage. 

I think that overall, one of the best things about this spa was how spacious the facilities are. The lounge areas in the women's change room are big and you can relax there or wait for your services while enjoying complimentary apples, biscottis, water and teas. 

At The FS Spa, there are 17 over-sized treatment suites, and the room I was in was nice and roomy. At other spas I've been to, treatment rooms can be small, but I found this one a nice size. Upon entering the treatment room you will get to choose from 5 varieties of music themes to compliment your service.

At the risk of sounding like a spa snob, you can really tell the difference with the quality of linens at spas. The better quality ones feel so much better, and if the sheets/towels aren't good quality I occasionally experience redness/irritation onmy skin (sometimes they can be abrasive). Here, The FS Spa pampers you with luxurious robes, great massage beds, comfortable slippers, and soft sheets. When a spa spends time paying attention to small details it really makes a huge difference on the experience. 

The FS Spa's aromatherapy massage ($180/60 minutes) begins with a consultation, (most likely only first-time clients) with your massage therapist asking routine questions, such as what areas you'd like them to focus on. You are then given a selection if 4 scented oils, or a non-scented oil to choose from for your treatment. The FS Spa uses a natural blend of vegan oils, all of which have their unique benefits.  
The massage was nice, and the massage therapist was very professional. He targeted my problem areas, as well addressed others, kneading out knots with long strokes and soothing pressure. I personally prefer more pressure with my massages, but because this was an aromatherapy massage. it was more light to medium pressure. For those that prefer more pressure, you may want to try a deep tissue massage. 
I think it's interesting - the different techniques that RMT's use. I find that I've noticed over the years that everyone does things differently. Every massage therapist will do subtle things that make a huge difference. Since I'm not an expert I don't quite know how to explain it, but it doesn't have to do with training. Each experience with a RMT is different! I found that the treatment I experienced he was able to do nice stretching relating to the upper shoulders and neck. The massage was lovely and there is a subtle chime, indicating your treatment is over. (It also happens at the beginning, signaling that your treatment has begun). 

There is no question that this spa is one of the best ones in Toronto (as expected at a Four Seasons Hotel)! But of course, nothing is perfect and there are a few things that I personally felt could've been better. 

- The reception area seems slightly cluttered

- I love a good hair dryer (I recommend using T3s Featherweight or Moroccanoil's MO2000 Professional Serious Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer) and I felt like the hair dryers were outdated.

- The changeroom can get quite busy and loud (of course, the noise level of the clients has nothing to do with how the spa is run and is out of their control)

- With the changeroom being busy I had no problem taking a shower, however I feel like there may be times where you'd have to wait for one.

However, with the changing rooms being quite busy, I was extremely impressed by how everything was kept tidy. There were staff constantly checking to make sure everything was in order, whether it had to do with replenishing towels, filling water, keeping everything clean...To me, cleanliness is one of the most important things when you're at a spa.  
There have been spas I've been to that are considered some of the best in Toronto that have had clumps of hair in the showers, mildewed steam rooms...I was very impressed with how the FS Spa keeps everything clean. 

Overall, my treatment at the Four Seasons Spa was a great experience and I definitely recommend giving it a try. The decor is lovely, upkeep is great, staff is professional, and services are good. I'm definitely curious about how their other services are, though I feel like if you're a new client, the aromatherapy massage is a good first treatment to go with. 

Please note that these opinions are my own and everyone's experience can vary. 

If you're interested in visiting you can visit their website here. The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Spa is located at: 60 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4W 0A4, Canada

In a few weeks I'll be visiting The Four Seasons Hotel again as I have been invited to attend a class at 889 Yoga's Studio (located in the hotel). I know many of you have been requesting a yoga feature. The wait is finally over!

PCs to Stephen Velasco. You can read an article about him from the Toronto Star here

With love,

Sarah Velasco

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