10 Beauty Splurges That Are Worth The Cost

We love these products and know you will too. 

1. T3 Featherweight Luxe Ti $320
Easy to use, nice and lightweight. This hair dryer isn't very loud, and cuts your drying time in half while minimizing hair frizz. 
We have tried many eyelash curlers over the years and always go back to Shu Uemura's. Its rounded silicone rubber pad allows for the right amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally without crimping or bending. It leaves you with the right amount of curl.
For a less expensive version, The Face Shop has a nice curler for a fraction of the price! ($4) We couldn't find it online, but they currently have some in stores.
Kérastase sent us this product a few years ago, and after that, we were hooked! This product has a subtle fragrance for fine, sensitive, damaged or color treated hair, and can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment or styling product. It will leave your hair smooth and silky!
(We're also a fan of the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment)
Leaving your skin dewy and soft, this spray-on moisturizer is great for a boost of hydration and a luminous complexion. We must say that we knew about this long before Kim Kardashian or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did! Tatcha has since been featured in a number of magazines, and known to be a celebrity favorite. 
Containing Argan Oil, Brazil Nut Oil, and Almond Oil, this body conditioner is guaranteed to leave your skin hydrated and moisturized. It is hands down the best in-shower moisturizer we have ever tried. We know many of you are die-hard Lushies (we are too), but this definitely one of our all-time favorite Lush products. 
Caudalie is one of our favorite lines: it's luxurious, the products work well, and the scents are never over powering. One of our favorite cleansers is their Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil. The natural sunflower and castor oil instantly dissolves make-up without stripping your skin of natural moisture. It leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.
7. Sebastian Whipped Crème -$22.95 
We've tried a number of salon recommended hair products, and felt that some weren't worth their hefty price tag. Then we found Sebastian's Whipped Crème and it became one of our all-time favorites! It's a styling whip made for curls and waves that doesn't leave your hands or hair feeling sticky. Plus, it smells great, and leaves your hair with texture and bounce. A lot of hair products leave your hair hard, and this one allows for natural movement. It battles frizz and lasts all day. 
Unfortunately the product goes quickly, which makes it quite costly. If you're ever able to ship to the USA we recommend purchasing Sebastian products at Pharmapacks
Thermal water is a great multi-purpose product. It's great for setting make-up, treating razor burns, sun burn... It's also refreshing and offers skin relief, especially during the hot summer months. As it is 100% thermal water, it's great for spritzing all over. We also love Eau thermale by Avène (skin soother), and Beauty Elixir by Caudalie (skin booster)
We love this blemish-banishing acne treatment. Once you spot treat your problem area at night, you'll notice a huge difference in the morning! Just be careful as the top and bottom layers of this product should not mix together (do not shake or drop). It's formulated with sulfur which aids in healing, reducing and preventing future breakouts. 
This treatment can be done right in your home in a matter of minutes. If your teeth, caps, crowns, or veneers are stained and discolored, this product is great and will lighten your teeth in one or two weeks! Chemical-Free this formula will not cause sensitivity or wear down enamel. This product does not have bad taste and is great for pregnant women, health-conscious consumers, or anyone looking for a gentle and effective treatment. We also love Zero White's Whitening Pen ($29) for in between touch-ups. 

Did any of your favorite products make the list? We'd love to hear from you! letters@sarahvelasco.com