Baggu Fall 2016

We absolutely love Baggu's Fall 2016 collection. They really have something for everyone- bold catchy prints, subdued minimalistic designs...tons of colors. 

There is no way we can count how many pieces they have for their Fall collection, but there are a lot!

Of course, Baggu has their standard $9 Baggu that folds into a tiny pouch, holds 50lbs, is machine washable, and is made of 100% ripstop nylon. But what we didn't know, is that they also have a great selection of leather items, cotton backpacks, and gym bags. 

Here are our favorite items from their Fall 2016 collection.
Leather Backpack in Saddle $280, Standard Baggu in Peach Flamingo $9, Weekend Bag in Sailor Stripe $74
Leather Oversize Tote in Caramel $280, Baby Baggu in Black Cat $7, Leather Mini Purse in Oxblood $120, Sport Duffle in Cutout $36

Baggu is an environmentally conscious bag design company based in Brooklyn (NY), and San Francisco (CA). For those of you that can't visit these two stores, Baggu products are carried in many others nationwide + outside of the USA. You can also find their products online at baggu.com. 
Happy shopping!