FruitFast Pure Fruit Bars

"Developed and patented by the USDA, FruitFast Bars are great-tasting, nutritious, convenient and affordable. Each of these healthy, all-natural fruit bars contain generous amounts of the proprietary fruit pastes that we manufacture for our Cherry and Pomegranate Softgel Capsules and Liquids. FruitFast Bars are produced using a USDA patented process that provides a two year shelf life. These dried fruit bars can be stored at room temperature and will not deteriorate in hot, humid weather."

Information from the official Fruitfast website
FruitFast is a family-owned company producing all-natural products made from premium quality fruit since 1945.
The Wild Blueberry IQ 8 pack retails for $13.95. Each bar contains 106 calories and has zero grams of fat. These bars are made of Apple Puree, Apple Concentrate, Wild Blueberry Concenrate, and Wild BlueberryIQ (Wild Blueberries).  100% fruit and nothing else!

The CherryFlex FruitFast 8 pack retails for $13.95 as well. Each bar is 103 calories, and has zero grams of fat. The ingredients are: Apple Puree, Apple Concentrate, Cherry Concentrate, CherryFlex (Tart Montmorency Cherries). Like the Wild Blueberry IQ, these bars are made from 100% fruit and nothing else. 

Both of these products contain no refined sugars, no dairy or GMOs, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and are USDA developed and patented. They also do not contain any gluten or nuts, and are made in a factory that is gluten-free and nut-free. 

These fruit bars are such great snacks. They are tasty, healthy and provide great nutritional benefits (2 out of the 5 fruits a day)! We highly recommend giving them a try.