Holiday 2016 Preview: ME to WE

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend ME to WE's Holiday 2016 preview. There were so many beautiful pieces and wonderful collaborations that we're excited to let you know about!

I had the chance to chat with jewellery designer Kessa Laxton, and CEO of ME to WE's Roxanne Joyal about the upcoming pieces, story behind the brand and designs, as well as what we will see in stores in the upcoming months ahead.

It was so inspiring to learn about such a great cause. Be sure to stay tuned as we have more ME to WE features lined up!
In the meantime, here are some pictures from the event.   

Here I'm wearing my Burberry watch and the Bangle & Brass Paillette Rafiki Set ($28) Courtesy of ME to WE 
I love how this bracelet is easy to wear, and adds a nice touch to your outfit. It's minimalistic and can really go with everything. This bracelet wraps three times around your wrist, and is made with glass beads on stretchy cord.

Rafikis come in a variety of colours and designs which you can view by clicking here
You can also find a number of ME to WE's jewellery in stores across Canada. I came across some of their bracelets today at Chapters and you can also find these products at the WE store in the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Every purchase gives a life-changing impact to a child or family. ME to WE has something called Track Your Impact. This is a code located on ME to WE's packaging, where you can see where your social impact is delivered. It helps people to connect the dots from the item they bought to the WE Village it helped empower. 

Find out more about ME to WE at metowe.com