Interview with Taylor Nadraszky, Founder of Be Brave Box

Sarah: Can you tell us about yourself?
Taylor: I am the founder of Be Brave Box. I am only 16 years old and this is my first and definitely not going to be my only business. I started Be Brave Box in August 2015 after my kidney transplant from my dad but my first box didn't go out till January of this year. I've always wanted to start my own business and after my kidney transplant I couldn't go out in big crowds since I was very immunosuppressed at the time so I thought it would be a great time to start. It's taken a lot to get to this point in my business but I absolutely love working on making Be Brave Box even better!

Sarah: What is Be Brave Box?
Taylor: Be Brave Box is a subscription box for people like me who have a chronic illness. Every other month a new box is shipped to subscribers. In every box is 5 items to remind you that you are brave, strong and can do this! I work with usually other small business to find products that I think will be awesome in a box. The box is $27 Canadian including shipping to Canada or the U.S and $29 Canadian including shipping internationally. 

Sarah What is your mission?
Taylor: My mission from the very first box has been to make others just for even a second forget the daily symptoms of chronic illness and focus on having some fun and excitement from getting a Be Brave Box. I want people to smile and remember the good that can be found if we stick together and fight chronic illness together. On top of this mission I hope to create conversation and teach others about chronic and invisible illness. It isn't talked about often and I think through knowing about it we can create more understanding of each other.

Sarah: What types of items would one find in a subscription box?
Taylor: In my past boxes I've included coloring books, dream catchers, face masks. Basically things to put somewhere or do to remind you that you can do this and also self care items. 

Sarah: How are items chosen for each box? What is the process like?
Taylor: I usually go on Etsy and look at different items that if I were to subscribe to the box I would love to have! Then I work with the maker of the product to usually make something customized for my box. Then the items are shipped to me and than I make the box all lovely and include a product card and than it is shipped to the subscriber! 

Sarah: Anything else readers should know?
Taylor: I also think my box would be perfect for someone with a mental illness or even a caregiver. The box is basically just a reminder to slow down and take good care of yourself when going through tough times. I love making these boxes for people and its one of the most fun things I have ever gotten to do! If any of you would like to subscribe you can go to www.bebravebox.ca and also learn more about me, the box and see past boxes!