Interview with Garrett Adair, CEO and Co-founder of vitafive

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? What is your role at vitafive? 
Garrett Adair: My name is Garrett Adair and I am the CEO and one of the founders of vitafive. The other founder is my best friend Nik Hall.
I am 22 and just graduated from TCU. We started this company in hopes of helping people live a healthier life by making it easy to take their vitamins.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about vitafive? How did it get started

Garrett Adair: Nik and I came up with the concept of vitafive in February of 2015 and launched by March of this year (2016). We came up with the idea because we met a doctor down in Austin that had a vitamin company that was similar to what we are doing. The difference is that the products were 4x more expensive, mostly sold in his brick and mortar store, and all of the vitamins were pills. We wanted to make it more affordable, more accessible, and more convenient to take. That is why are average price is $24, we are strictly e-commerce, and sell gummy vitamins in daily custom packs.
Sarah Velasco: How does it work?
Garrett Adair: 
  • go to vitafive.com
  • pick your vitamins
  • we pack a box full of 28 daily packs for a 4 week supply 
  • and we send that box to you every 4 weeks on subscription! 
Sarah Velasco: How are the vitamin gummies different from other ones on the market?
Garrett Adair: Most of the vitamins on the market are made out of gelatin, which is a very unstable ingredient. Ours are made of pectin, which allow the vitamins stay solid in temperatures up to 120 degrees. Also, being made out of pectin allows our vitamins to be Vegetarian friendly and Vegan friendly in 5/8 of our vitamins that we offer. 

Sarah Velasco: Are there common misconceptions people may have about vitafive gummies?
Garrett Adair: Many people have a hard time understanding that our health packs are vitamins packs that have 2-3 different combinations of vitamins to help enhance a certain benefit. For instance, we have a beauty pack that has Omega-3, Vitamin C, and Biotin. All 3 vitamins have been combined on purpose by our on-staff dietitian.
Sarah Velasco: How did the idea about a subscription service for gummies start? How does it work?
Garrett Adair: The subscription service allows us to make it even easier for members to stay consistent with taking their vitamins. We wanted to create a service that gives people the opportunity to stay as consistent as possible. We do that through the product, the way it is packaged, and the way it is delivered to our members. 

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us a little bit about the process in creating vitamin gummies?
Garrett Adair: We source all of our vitamins from Northern California! So we don't have any hand in manufacturing them, but one thing we do is 3rd party test the vitamins every time there is a formulation enhancement.

Sarah Velasco: Which are the best sellers?
Garrett Adair: Our Custom, Essential, and Beauty Packs are the most popular. People love the custom because they are able to choose what they want and people love the essential and beauty because those are two characteristics that make sense when it comes to health and wellness.

Sarah Velasco: Where can readers purchase vitafive gummies?
Garrett Adair: vitafive.com and they can use the code SV30 to get 30% off their first order.