Interview with Randi Zucker, Men's Accessories Box

We had the chance to ask Randi Zucker of Men's Accessories Box about the company, herself, & what we'll see going into the Fall.
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Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about Men's Accessories Box and yourself? How did you get started in the business?
Randi Zucker: This is Randi Zucker. I'm a 31-year-old female. My husband is Adam Zucker. Adam works in finance in a business professional environment. Slacks, shirts with cufflinks, ties, etc. he started wearing a different pair of cufflinks every day to work. Cufflinks though small are more noticeable than one would think... Cubicle mates started paying attention to his cufflinks and would look forward to see what he was to wear the next day ... Accessories are a way to show off a little bit more about yourself and it also shows that you care about detail, an important quality to have at work and in life. 
He started researching where to find more and more unique cufflinks and other accessories like pocket squares and bow ties... We started buying these in bulk for himself to get better prices and more options and with the extras selling them online... since we opened up online we've had approximately 3000 sales. After just a few months of selling online as a side gig we saw the potential. Two years ago I saw the rise of subscription boxes and hence launched MensAccessoriesBox.com. My background has come in handy as I'm a website developer with online marketing experience. I run all the technical aspects while my husband runs our buying department. He studies what his colleagues are wearing, what we see in the magazines like GQ and DETAILS and what's hot in retail shops... We buy our accessories now from all over the world and forged amazing relationships with manufacturers to get the best prices so we can pass those prices onto our subscribers. We strive to find cool stuff that you can't always find in department stores.
Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about it and how it works?
Randi Zucker: A subscription service. Pick a plan based on your style and every month we mail 4-6 accessories catered to your style. Subscribers are encouraged to email us feedback and special requests. For as low as $19/mo you can get $100 worth of accessories.

Sarah Velasco: How is it different from other subscription boxes on the market?
Randi Zucker: What sets us apart from other subscription services is that EVERY box is custom made and unique. It's not Septembers box is this and October box is that... Your box is entirely unique. 
Sarah Velasco: Where can readers buy your products?
Randi Zucker: MensAccessoriesBox.com is where you purchase a subscription. There is an area where you can also buy products individually. Our brother retail site is MensAccessoriesShop.com where there are hundreds of items for sale.

Sarah Velasco: What are some of your favorite items?
Randi Zucker: 
- Star Wars themed cufflinks.
- Hand-knit bow ties
- Three piece matching tie sets (tie, pocket square, cufflinks all match)
Sarah Velasco: What items will be seeing going in the Fall?
Randi Zucker: Thicker ties and deeper colors. Bigger will be better, chunkier patterns and heavier cufflinks, lapel pins etc.

Sarah Velasco: Anything else we should know?

Randi Zucker: We want to hear from our subscribers! Email us info@mensaccessoriesbox.com
Tell us your hobbies, likes, interests. We had a guy email us to tell us that he loves his wife and his mom is a breast cancer survivor - we actually had "I love my wife " cufflinks and a pink pocket square for breast cancer awareness - we put it in his next month & he absolutely loved it....
We keep detailed notes on every customer's style and interests and what we package in their boxes.

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We love that every box is unique and is customized to your taste. It's $25 (USD) /month with discounts available for longer subscriptions, and costs $6.99 to ship to Canada. On their website, you can select from 'Geeky is Cool', 'Business Professional', or 'Surprise me.' 
We asked for a mix and match of things, and it came with a nice selection of professional and fun accessories. You get good value for what you pay, and will get a good laugh in with the movie-themed items! How often/ where could you ever find batman cufflinks?!
Find out more about Men's Accessories box by clicking here