Silica Gel: Why you shouldn't throw these bags away

We normally find these little bags in new shoe boxes and throw them out because we think they're useless. But they're actually not! Silica Gel bags can be useful as these tiny bags have water resisting properties.

What can you do with silica gel?

1. Throw them in your gym bag
they can prevent mold and bacteria from growing (they'll reduce odor too!)
2. Save a wet phone
more effective than rice ! Just place your phone in a jar full of these bags
3. Save old photos
old pictures will deteriorate over time, silica gel bags can prevent them from sticking together
4. Defog your windshield
put a few of the bags under your windshield, it'll save you same time.
5. Extend the life of razor blades
throw your razor in a tupperware with a few bags inside. They'll dry out moisture and help them last longer

You can also...

- use them for your Make Up / Travel Bags
- use them to prevent silver from tarnishing
- use them for drying out flowers to make potpourri

These silica gel bags are non-toxic and non-poisonous. They do pose a choking hazard so please keep them away from children.

Have you used silica gel for anything else or in any other ways? We'd love to know! letters@sarahvelasco.com