The Angelo David Salon

For those of you that visit or live in New York City, be sure to stop by The Angelo David Salon. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on 420 Madison Avenue, this luxurious salon will leave you feeling like a new you. A good haircut can not only upgrade your look but can do a number on your confidence too. 

The Angelo David Salon is one of the best hair salons in NYC specializing in custom hair extensions. They have a sun-filled main area as well as private rooms, and offer a range of services including couture hair extensions, haircuts, coloring, hair straightening, nail services, waxing, and more. 

"Angelo David Pisacreta, owner and Creative Director of Angelo David Salon, is a true hair illusionist. He is a world-renowned stylist and colorist, as well as the originator of Couture Hair Extensions & Additions™. Angelo’s vast experience with hair, hair health and hair growth led him to discover that hair health issues often begin inside the body, not on the surface. That discovery was the catalyst behind the creation of Hair Detox™ by Angelo David."
Information from the official Angelo David website which you can view here

I had the chance to get a haircut and manicure at The Angelo David salon left feeling content and at ease. I've learned over the years (the hard way) that you should never skimp on a haircut. A good cut should enhance your bone structure, strengthen your features and make you feel more confident. It should fall into a good shape when air-dried and last long. It's also about an experience, and I had the opportunity to have my haircut by celebrity stylist Dion Moore. 

The Angelo David Salon is a celebrity favorite, and with good reason! It is a fantastic upscale salon where you get service, comfort, and quality. There's nothing like leaving a salon with a wonderful new haircut, and we highly recommend booking an appointment to try it yourself!