The Republic of Tea

As the temperature begins to drop, and layers pile on, nothing is more soothing than a cup of tea. We had the chance to interview Kristina Richens, Minister of Commerce at The Republic of Tea and learned about some great selections to take us into the fall and winter months ahead.

Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Bags
"Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea sparked a Tea Revolution. We began by canvassing the most prized tea gardens of the world for their worthiest leaves. Our mission was—and is—to see these teas steaming in the cups of men, women and children everywhere, and to emphasize a Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp lifestyle. In keeping with our identity as an independent republic, we designate our employees Ministers, our sales representatives as Ambassadors, our customers as Citizens and retail outlets as Embassies.

With supreme good fortune, we have progressed—constantly enriching people’s lives through the experience of premium teas, education and innovation. Our award-winning packaging includes teas and herbs available in specially designed air-tight, light-resistant tins containing either full-leaf teas and herbs or our signature round, unbleached tea bags, free of unnecessary envelopes, strings, tags or staples. Decaffeinated teas (using a natural CO2 method) varieties are also available. Most of our teas are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)."

Information from The Republic of Tea's official website. You can find out more about the company here 

Ginger Peach Full Leaf Tea
Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us your personal background with The Republic of Tea?
Kristina Richens: I defected to The Republic of Tea in January of 2003 to enrich people’s lives with premium teas and herbs, innovation and education. The Republic of Tea first appealed to me with the sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp lifestyle which is even more important to me now than back when I began.

Sarah Velasco: Why is tea important, both globally and personally to a tea consumer?
Kristina Richens: Everyone may have their own ritual and make their tea experience personal to focus on how tea can make their life better, whether by giving them a moment to themselves or discovering a new sip that is delightfully delicious. On a global scale, tea also can be adventurous, connecting the individual to a place far away where tea is grown, like China or India, but also a connection to a ritual, like drinking a sweet iced tea from the South or Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Sarah Velasco: How often should one drink tea?
Kristina Richens: As often as they like. Caffeine exists in black, green, white and oolong tea, so that may be a consideration as to how many cups to sip. Herbal infusions that are sipped for a wellness benefits may have optimal efficacy with 2 to 3 cups a day. Simply, sip what you enjoy often.

Sarah Velasco: What sets apart The Republic of Tea from other tea providers?
Kristina Richens: The Republic of Tea started the premium tea revolution back in 1992. With over 300 varieties of teas and herbs, the options for ‘Citizens’, those who sip The Republic of Tea, are vast. We innovate new teas and herbs several times a year leading the trends and delighting tea lovers.

Sarah Velasco: Are there any common misconceptions about tea?
Kristina Richens: Some people feel that tea is for times when one may not feel well, but tea can be so much more than just a remedy. It can be enjoyed all the time! Also, tea may be perceived as expensive, but it is truly an affordable luxury, with a cup of The Republic of Tea costing less than 30 cents.

Organic 100% Double Green Matcha Tea Bag

Sarah Velasco: Can you further explain the different categories of tea?
Kristina Richens: All teas come from the same plant, the Camilla sinensis. However, what happens to the leaves after they are plucked (harvested), will define if the tea will be green, which is not oxidized, oolong which is semi-oxidized or black, which is fully oxidized. Oxidation is much like when an apple is cut open and exposed to oxygen, turning the fruit brown.
Herbal teas come from a variety of plants and could be the dried roots, leaves, stems or flowers. For example, chamomile tea is the flowers and mint tea is made from the leaves.

Sarah Velasco: With the vast variety of teas, how do you choose one to drink? Are there some better for certain things like weight loss, energy, etc.?
Kristina Richens: Sip the ones you enjoy the most. This may change by the time of the day or the type of day you are having, but with so many teas and herbs to enjoy, a cup of tea should always be delightfully delicious to you.

An example of teas to enjoy and sip all day that may support weight loss efforts or energy would be the get lost stackable. This has three compartments each holding 14 tea bags each of ‘get lean’, ‘get burning’ and ‘get lost’, so you could have three cups each day, one of each, for two weeks.
The ‘get lean’ has a stimulating base of premium green tea and organic green maté energize your body and keep your mind alert*. The ‘get burning’ is a spicy herbal blend to rev up your internal engine and increase your body’s metabolism and resistance to stress. It also has cordyceps, a Chinese medicinal herb, boosts energy and endurance. * The ‘get lost’ is based with organic red rooibos with banaba leaves and cinnamon helps control cravings while carob and gymnema leaves help tame your sweet tooth. *
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Hot Apple Cider Tea Bags
Sarah Velasco: What are some of your best sellers/most popular teas at The Republic of Tea?
Kristina Richens: Organic Double Green Matcha, launched in 2007, is the best seller. This tea has sparks and has led the growing matcha trend. Ginger Peach black tea, a signature tea from The Republic of Tea, has been a top seller for over 20 years. The be well get clean herb tea is also a top seller.

Sarah Vealsco: Can you recommend to readers some teas for the fall?
Kristina Richens: In the fall, the most popular teas are the Pumpkin Spice black tea and the Hot Apple Cider herbal tea. We also have a Harvest Stackable tin, which is a perfect sampler of Pumpkin Spice black tea, Hot Apple Cider and Hibiscus Cranberry – all warming flavors that welcome the fall months.

We had the chance to try The Republic of Tea's Get Lost Stackable Tea Tin that retails for $13.50 and comes with 42 tea bags (14 natural, unbleached, round tea bags in each individual airtight compartment). It is a two-week supply of gentle teas that can be used with a cleansing program (such as a juice cleanse) or alone to cleanse the body.

About each tea:

Energy and Focus
Get Lean®: A stimulating base of premium green tea and organic green maté energize your body and keep your mind alert. Dandelion root and chickweed help to eliminate excess water weight.* This tea blend has natural caffeine to power you toward your weight loss goals. Herbs are added to keep the body balanced and help fight that bloated feeling.* The sweet combination of bright orange and rich vanilla will keep you satisfied without the sugar. Contains caffeine. 

Burn, Baby Burn
Get Burning®: This spicy herbal blend will rev up your internal engine and increase your body’s metabolism and resistance to stress. Cordyceps, a Chinese medicinal herb, boosts energy and endurance.* This caffeine-free tea stimulates the body without taxing our vital systems.* Sea buckthorn, a superfruit, adds a tangy sweetness to the zingy chili pepper spicy notes. Great to sip first thing in the morning to wake you up or before a workout. Caffeine-free. 

Lose Your Cravings
Get Lost®: Organic red rooibos with banaba leaves and cinnamon helps control cravings while carob and gymnema leaves help tame your sweet tooth.* Sip before or after a meal. This warm and toasty caffeine-free herbal blend also contains gymnema leaves, which are known as the "destroyer of sugar" in Ayurvedic medicine. Caffeine-free.

Unlike juice cleanses, there is no fasting involved. You simply sip the teas in the morning, evening, or throughout the day, while continuing to eat as you normally would. We loved this tea set, and the variety as well! Consuming three delicious teas each day is such a treat. Plus, The Get Lean, Get Burning, and Get Lost teas are all naturally sweet so we didn't feel the need to add sugar. The flavors are not overpowering, and they have a subtle herbal taste and aroma, which is especially soothing after meals. We highly recommend it!

The Republic of Tea also has other lines of tea that are specifically for helping you with your health goals. To view more products, visit their website at: www.republicoftea.com